Friday, September 24, 2010

Yeah easy run.

So today was the last run before Sunday. (duh duh duh)
It called for 3k but thats the point where everything starts coming together so I decided an easy 5 would be fine. Except it wasn't an "easy" run. Apparently now that my body knows it can go at a faster pace, it likes to do so. Lots of times I would look at my watch and see 5:30 or 5:45 (something around there) and thinking "holy crap slow down, its supposed to be an easy run". I think I'm going to have to set my watch to beep at me if I go faster than a 6:00 pace. Beacause anything faster than that will kill me before the finish line.

But I'm all set. I wore everything I plan to race in for today's run so I know I'm good. Its all in the washer as we speak so I can have it set aside tomorrow. Well I didn't wear my fuelbelt but I'll have that for Sunday. The water stations are every 2-3k and I sip water or gatorade every 2k in my training runs and I've decided to not mess with my system. I have no issues usually with my belt. I'm getting my playlist organized tonight so I'll have my pick me up music when I need it. Watch is already on the charger.

Next time I come here, I will be an half marathoner.
Hopefully with a good report and awesome pics.