Monday, July 30, 2012

We are Spartans!

So the weekend following Hub's first 5k race was the race he decided he needed to be able to run for.

Thankfully we had Shorty over so she was able to stay home and watch the boys. Originally there was the though of her watching her brothers at the race site and Oh My God I am so happy we changed our minds. We were up and out the door for 9am. The website said that we should be there an hour before our heat started. We were in the 12pm heat so needed to be there for 11am. It was 1h 40m away so that gave us 20 of bank time. Score! Yeah didn't quite happen that easily. First we got coffee which was muchly needed then off we went. The ride up was uneventful. We enjoyed a child free car ride  listened to the radio and talked. We got up to the race site parking (which was actually about 10k-ish from the race site) and that's when it got crazy. They had shuttle buses running from the parking lot to the site but it was so busy that there was still at least 1.5k of walking from our car to the shuttle buses. After a bit of a line up and wait we got on our bus and to the race site. It was actually quite crazy and somewhat disorganized. They had way more heats than originally planned so I assume they didn't realize how popular this event would be. But in any case we got our forms in and got numbered up, our bag dropped off and got our timing chips and to the start with maybe 10 mins to spare.

While we waited they had a guy dressed as a gladiator and he was operating a fire hose. You can see where this is going can't you?  Yeah we got sprayed down with icy cold water. It definitely explained why the start was so muddy. It was actually funny since some groups of girls kept shrieking and trying to avoid the mud as they were trying to avoid the water. I'll be honest and admit that I hid behind Hubs mostly because I hate getting stuff on my face. So finally the count down and off we went!

Nothing was marked by the way. As the race shirt famously says "You'll know at the end". Up and down small ski hills and mountain bike trails which caused lots of bottlenecks but we were in it to have fun and not really race, since we had no clue what we were getting into. We ran for about 2-ish k before we got to the first obstacle, going up hill while under a net so you were basically crawling. Then again more running for a while on the hills. I clearly did not train for so many hills I'll tell you that much.  The next obstacle was going through a plastic tube then going up and over a ladder style net stretched across the path(There was at least 6-7 people climbing and going over with you so that rope was swinging and you had to watch at the top that you didn't get hit by someone's leg/foot or that you didn't hit anyone with yours) . Which was immediately followed by rope climbing. Which was followed by??? You guessed it! More running. I'll be honest that since there was no real course map and we were going blind I didn't really keep track of much. Those ones stand out because it was before the crazy ones came up. There was also

- 3 foot wall to climb over
- carry a 20lb(i think) sand bag through a hilly short course 
-1 chance to hit a high up hay bale with a javelin
-8 foot wall to climb over
-weighted wheel barrow

-hay bale climbing

- balance beam
-army crawl under boards
- fire pit jumping

And the MUD! As you can clearly see. It was crazy. I enjoyed that it was a blind course since I couldn't get nervous about the obstacles since I didn't know where they were or what they were! I also didn't train at all for this and it showed. Hubs was amazing and stayed with me the whole time even though I could see there was many moments he wanted to shoot off and kick some ass. I really didn't have much upper body strenght and that held me back in some obstacles. Finally at the finish you had to get through some Gladiators and luckly for me there was some guys around me so they went for the men and I managed to squeak past.

We finished in 1:19 and found out that the course was actually 7k-ish.
Yeah this was us after getting a bit cleaned up. haha. 

But it did show me that I enjoy just running much more and Hubs enjoys the added fun (craziness on his part) of the  obstacles so I told him he should consider Tri's but hes not ready for the added distance when you combine 3 sports together. Though he is already planning on entering the Run for Your Lives 5k this September with a friend. I'll go and be the cheerleader and pre/post race photographer.

Sorry for the lateness in posting this one, but I thought I had posted it and apparently hadn't. Clearly still need to work on my organizing skills