Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Things Thrusday

1. So apparently you can hand me a sharp knife and I can work wonders with it. Mostly thanks to my awesome culinarly training skills. But ask me to wash the cheese grater in the sink? Not to much. My middle finger on the right hand is missing a bunch of skin off the top and man it hurts. Typing can be tricky not using that finger to much.

2. I'm signed up again to do the Daring Kitchen's Baker's Challenge. Its a site that has monthly food challegnes for Savory Meal stuff and Baking. You find out what you make on the first and you have to make it and post it on your blog no earlier than the 27th each month. You can make it whenever in month but no posting earlier. I've made

A Dobos Torte

Covered Marshmellow Cookies with Homemade Marshmellows.

and Milan Cookies

Can't wait to see whats in store for April.
I'll post my stuff here.

Cooking Blog and I'll link here in case anyone forgets.

3.Hubby's and Mine Portaging trip is offically booked for early August. We'll spend 4 days togther in Algonqin Park hiking and canoeing. Major Kudos to The Portage Store. Thanks to them, us newbies at this can show up with our clothes and other needs and they make sure we have everything else. Tent, canoe, food, a route(You can plan your own but we had no clue). Very excited can't wait!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great Aspirations

We all have them.
Sometimes they seem these out in the stars, impossible to reach things, that you think wishfully about.
Sometimes they make you realize that you want to do something else with your life, and put the wheels in motion.
Sometimes they are totally attainable but are just downright scary enough to make you hesitate to take those first steps.

It starts young. We ask little children what they want to be when they grow up. Currently my children are not aiming to high. Well Shorty is, she's debating a couple thing really. Like she wanted to be a paleontologist for the longest time. Now she's thinking geologist. The boys? Well I mean they are younger so it'll probley change. Right now Bug wants to be a Taxi driver, because they get to drive cars around all day. Trouble, wants to work with the cement truck on construction sites. Now that one could easily stay the same.

I wanted to lots of things. A teacher, a photographer and a chef topped my list. I even went to culinary school and worked in kitchens. I even met the Dali Lama, when he was speaking here years ago.

But right now my main aspiration is to run a marathon. Its that last one in the top paragraph. I Love watching the elites at races. I dutifully watch Boston every year, even thought there was never a thought of me running it. They don't air New York here but I spent $5 to stream it live on my computer last year. I even get teary eyed watching them cross the finish line. But imaging me doing that distance scares me worse than seeing a bunch of spiders(If I know theres a spider in a room, I cannot/will not be in that room). Its attainable through some hard work, taking care of myself. So scary but doable. I might end up bugging all the marathoners here with questions in the coming while. I apologize now in advance.

The boys also have some interesting goals. Bug wants to be as tall as daddy and fast as mommy. I'm sure those are a given. At 6 he's currently 3/4 of my height and its looking like he takes after daddy's side of the family for height. At his first race last year, he did his 1km run in 7:11. Yeah he'll be zooming by me in no time. Trouble wants to get to 7 and be tall like Shorty. The getting to 7 thing might be interesting since when he injures himself he seems to like getting hurt in the head the most. :P

I'm clearly going to be the shortest in the house once the boys hit puberty.

This is from last summer. Look at Shorty, shes not even standing straight in this picture.

Do you think I could aspire for Hubby to buy me more heels?

What aspiration do you have right now?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Done and Ready

So true to my word I got my 12k in yesterday. I didn't head out as early as I originally planned but it worked out well. I decided to try an out and back on the trail. I'd say it was about half clear of snow/ice. My only real issue...ok well two issues... were that its an awkward time of year for me to pick out running clothes. I wore what was usually appropriate for the weather but didn't take into account that the sun is getting warmer while out. So at one point I took off my headband/ear cover thingy and had to take off my jacket since opening the vents on the side AND undoing the zipper were not enough. Of course it was still chilly out so that lasted just under 2km. The other issue is that I didn't bring water with me and while it was fine, with about 3k to go I saw that someone left a bottle at one of the parking lot picnic tables and I realized I really wanted some. Never crossed my mind until then. Hmmm.

Saturday is Quinn's first race of the year!
He's doing the kids fun run at

He's very excited.
I even found a kids technical long sleeve at Walmart of all places for $6. Its a bit big on him, but I couldn't pass up that deal.

Some "practice runs" in his new shirt.

Doesn't he look awesome?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bad me.

So yeah today was long run day. 12k.

Yeah didn't happen.

Hubs is heading out right from work for a beaver leader training thing that goes till late tomorrow. Its out of town so he has the only car :(
And of course there was errands to be taken care of while the boys were in school so I wouldn't have to be dragging them along with me this afternoon.

I do really need to get over the dislike of using a babysitter while I run. Especially since running during March Break didn't work out, and then today with lots of things to do but so little time to do it in sans kids. We have this lovely lady around the corner who watchs kids and she has watched the boys before. She mentioned she likes having the boys over even just for little bits to play with the other kids there. Bah. Slowly I'll get over this. I just have to remember that when people offer, its not putting them out.

I'm be doing my long run Sunday morning instead. Route is already planned, as is that Daddy will be in charge of making the pancakes for breakfast. Nothing like hot food fresh and waiting for you after a run.

So its movie and popcorn night here tonight. Still not exactly sure what we'll watch. Tomorrow the little men want to go to the Science Center. I'm sure I'll get a few KMs in just chasing following them around.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Yeap its that time again.

Hill training!

Thankfully last fall while checking out the trails not to far from my house I discovered a huge hill. Its just over a km from my house so its closer than the hills that the clinics at the local Running Room use. It seems a bit steeper to, but seriously having a hill close by that's on a rec trail rather than the street is so worth it. I felt so unfit since it was such a struggle getting up there.

I know there's a couple hills during the half this spring so I know I need this.

Speaking of, I'm thinking of outfits. I'm really tempted to order a sparkle skirt.

I'd have to get some shorts to go under it but I think it would be adorable. Especially for a women's only half. I think the firefighters would love it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

You'd think I'd learn by now....

That when I schedule my running around my family's schedule, there will be kinks. Since I ususally run while Hubby is at work and the boys are at school, it generally works well. Except for when we have hoildays. Like the week of March Break that we just had.

Now I know a good chunk of my lack of running last week was also due to the frigging cold I have/had. I only got one run of 5k in. It was a great 5k so I'll take it but between the boys being around and me having a hard time picking a good time to get out there and the coughing and sinus pressure it was hard even thinking of getting out.

Thankfully things were back to normal today. The boys went to school and I went out for my usual 6k run. It was basically misting rain and was above 0 so I was in heaven. The only real issue I had was that I wore a tshirt with a long sleeve jacket and my regular pants to protect me in case the winds or the rain started up, but I still was overheating. Would have been ok had I worn my capris I think.

Has spring fever hit anyone else?
Ahh man the list of things I want to do is getting crazy. Mostly because its all boring stuff like cleaning the oven and fridge. Decluttering stuff and rearranging furniture.

Thankfully theres lots of baking in the plans as well. Today we made banana bread. Tomorrow we're looking at blueberry muffins for me (and I guess I could share with hubby) and mini chocolate chip muffins for the boys to take as part of their snacks for school. I'm even debating making more energy bars again. I'm loving the idea of yummy baking thats freezeable so I can enjoy it for way longer. A batch of homemade cookies never lasts a week in this house, we'll be lucky if the banana bread lasts 3 days.

BTW: Today I cashed in my free coffee win from Thrusday. Won a donut.
Is this a sign I should get a lottery ticket this week?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

We're Back!!!!

Miss me?

I spent a good chunk of time today just trying to catch up on blogs today. I had a list of blogs in my email but deleted it for some dumb crazy reason. So it was impossible to read all the blogs. I have most in my sidebar but definitely not all (need to update that I guess).

We had a great couple of days hanging out with my parents and the boys LOVED it. Nana and Papa are their favourite. Like literally.... when we go there I become chop liver. I did get 1 run in. 5k and it was wonderful. I felt great throughout and the weather was AMAZING. I wasn't faster or anything but man good weather is such a pick me up.

But we are back and already on the roll. Bug has his best friend over for a sleepover tonight.

And of course we're wearing our Green for St. Patrick's Day.
In fact I got lucky today
(Dude not in that sense... mind outta the gutter people)
in that I got a free coffee in Roll up the Rim to Win with Tim Hortons.

(learning how to do self pics with a smartphone.....its going to take a while)

See it counts to be Irish...... well married to an Irishman so you get the lucky last name.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I sick

That crappy cold that Trouble gave me.... yeah I still got it.
Its a lovely chest cold and in my sinuses. At times it hurts to bend down and help the boys build stuff with lego. Thank goodness for some meds otherwise I'd forget what needs to be done.

I've still been running but trying to take it easy. Today was supposed to be 10km but the weather cannot make up its mind and this morning it was raining, snowing, crazy winds so I figured I'd see what I could do on the treadmill.

Can someone tell me why the gym has heat on? 5k in I stopped to blow my nose and felt like I would pass out. I did eat breakfast and I've been eating well and drinking my water, so I know it wasn't from lack of nutrition. I even wore my shorts and showed off the sexy leg(which was the first time anyone other than Hubby and the boys have seen it and no one stared or ran away from what I could see). I'm currently debating whether to run after Hubby gets home after work today or to run tomorrow morning. Regardless its going to be a soggy run.

March break has offically started in our house. I'm taking the boys to visit my parents for a couple days since we haven't seen them since Christmas and we're missing them badly. When we get back I have a super fun dentist appointment lined up and we'll probely get a sleepover in with Bug's best friend.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cold Go Away!

Things are finally calming down after the crazy weekend. I don't have any pictures yet from the 80's themed party, But I'll post if I get ahold of some.

Bug's birthday was great. It actually was almost a whole weekend celebration. His actual birthday was on Friday and he got his crown from his class.

I should point out that he wore this crown all weekend long. His birthday dinner choice was pizza so we ordered in. Thank goodness, since I spent my day decorating my awesome car cookies.

He got some new lego from us and we enjoyed some cupcakes. Satuday was getting some last minute party stuff and hanging around playing video games and party party for me.

Sunday was great minus the fact that it had rained all day Saturday and then started snowing around midnight. SO most people including us were late due to car doors sticking. The party was blast though. Nothing made my day more than hearing everyone like the cupcakes and one boy came and told me he liked the pipping of the buttercream on top. I'll post some more pictures later when my camera is finished charging and I can get the pictures off it.

Of course I caught Trouble's cold and thankfully it waited till Sunday afternoon to drag me down. Yesterdays run was cancelled due to the chest cold part of it but today I was antsy and had to get out there. I'm really glad I did since it went really well.

Can winter go away yet? I bet Father Christmas didn't get Mother Nature a gift and we're all paying for it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Bug!

6 years ago I offically became a mommy.
Bug (proving that he is indeed my child) was inpatient and decided to arrive 4 weeks early.

Its been an interesting and amazing couple of years. He's now getting the hang of reading and he's loosing baby teeth (we're on his 3rd loose tooth right now). He's starting to ride a two wheeler bike regularly and finally wanted to ice skate this winter.

Three Things Thrusday

Happy Birthday to one of my best freinds Melissa!

Thats Melissa (obvs) and her hubby Gary.

She's having a rocking 80's themed party to celebrate her 30th and yes dressing up is required so they'll be some pics after this weekend.

This weekend is also Bug's 6th birthday party(actual day is tomorrow). Currently I'm working on sugar cookies to go in the loot buckets. I'm looking at doing either 60 some cookies or 80 some. It all depends if I feel 3 cookies each is enough or if I want do to 4 each. I'd say its a pain but it involves cookie cutters and royal icing so I'm in heaven. Once my piping skills are better I would love to have a shop where I make and decorate sugar cookies. Le sigh.

Check out our his and her watches.

Most couples go for the nicer, fancier watches but not us. Timex Ironman all the way baby. Which is funny since neither of us would ever want to do an Ironman. Also interesting is the fact that while Hubby and I have been together for 11 years I've known him for 15 years he's always had that same watch. Sure the band has been changed a couple times so its gonna be a sad day whenever that dies.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bye Bye Feburary!

Hello March!

Feburary's trainging plan had me at 82km(50 miles) for the month. I did 90.16(56miles).

I really prefer Kilometers to Miles since 90 sounds so much more impressive than 56. But regardless I'm thrilled to have gotten all that distance in. I can feel my runs getting better. Its helping me feel better and healthier.

February had us Celebrating
-Shorty's 12th birthday.
-11 years since Hubby and I's first date.
-Bug's first Beaver camping trip(and is excitied to go back next year).

-An awesome Me and Trouble weekend.

Yeah I suck at the self picture thing.

I'm very excited to see what March has in store for us. Though I already know this weekend will be a blast.