Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Still here

I'm having issues getting blogger to publish my posts. That button has apparently decided it doesn't like me. I'll try to keep up with posts from my phone till I figure out whats going on.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three Things Thrusday

1. So tonight I'm attending my first Marathon Clinic night at the Running Room. It actually started last week but I was being silly with thinking that everyone else would be faster than me. That I wouldn't have anyone to run with. I'd be the only one doing their first marathon, so it'd be all old hat for the rest. I decided to suck it up and just do it. I mean so what if I end up being the slowest? Someone has to bring up the rear. If they all have done mulitple marathons who better to get advice from? The other clinics I've done from The Beaches RR were great, mostly because of the people I met. I can always use more running friends.

2. This postal strike needs to end. I'm still more on the union's side but its getting hard. Handy Manny is ok with it since he knows it means I can't do any online shopping. I want to order some Bondi Bands. I had requested a sample box from Gen UCAN just before the lock out and the halt of USPS accepting stuff for Canada.

Plus my BIL and SIL just had their second boy on Father's Day (What a gift huh?) and they didn't find out what they were having so I didn't get a present and I was going to order something from Etsy, but now its looking like theres no point. Ok that's dramatic but I wanted something to give to them soon after he was born. But most places won't even accept orders till the strike is over. I get why. It just sucks on my end.

3. This time next week we'll offically be on hoildays! The boys finish school next Wednesday and we're looking forward to lots of Zoo trips, Beach trips, ROM trips, Island trips and of course super fun fishing and camping with Grandpa in about 3 weeks time! I'm sure once the end of July hits I'll be begging for school to start again.
Plus Shorty will be graduating grade 6 next Tuesday and getting ready for Middle School come September. When did she get so big and I'd like to know who gave her permission to grow up and be an almost teenager. Eeek.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So last night after talking once again about my nerves and how unsure I was of signing up for a marathon. (I mean I'm only in Week 2 of training and some of the long runs to come look a little scary) Handy Manny told me to check out the Site again and said he wanted to see some stuff on it.

I thought he was just trying to show me that I've done half of this route before. That I'll have support in the hard 30+km parts with friends and family.

Nope, he got up and tossed his credit card at me and told to basically to shit or get off the pot. In his mind whats the point training and not giving yourself an actual goal to get to. Mostly I think he didn't want to hear me complain if I dawdled to much and it sold out.

So Ladies and Gentleman, I'm registered to run Scotia Toronto Waterfront Marathon come October 16th.

Its all exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I kind of like that.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sometimes all it takes

Is "hmm I wonder whats over there"

Today's run went well. Overall my pace was slow but when I was running on the paths I was around 6:15. There was two really slow kms but thats because from a run I did some time last week I saw this trail that went off on the other side of the river and I've never seen anyone go on or off it. Its around the 3k mark so I decided to check it out.

At first it was just a simple trail that was simple. But then it really wasn't. I really wished I had brought my camera it was so cool to see. It was hilly since it followed the sides of the ravine. The uphills were mostly impossible to run up but of course you still got a great work out having to kinda speed walk while trying to not fall off the edge. At points where the was an incline some people had put small ramps. Finally I clued in that this was made by bikers. Clearly not the spandix wearing, energy drinking ones on their road bikes.  Finally I saw some guys with their bikes and it was with me at the top of the ravine and them most of the way down.  Yeah no way did I want to have to come back up that.

It was at that point I figured I should head back. I need to  finish 10k. So I had two really slow kms but man it was great to see stuff that I didn't even think of, like just never on my radar. I've known of that there was more woods on the other side of the city made paths but didn't even think that people had made their own trails in there.

All it took was me taking a break during a run and walking off to the side of the river and looking literally through the trees.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today's post brought to you by

The number 500!

Halfway through todays run(I know I ran on a saturday) brought me to 500km so far this year. I didn't hit this mark till mid-July last year and I'm really impressed considering this year I had to take Janurary off, so techically I couldv'e hit this number in May. I love that I'm keeping track because its amazing to see literally just how far I've come over the past year or so(I didn't track in 2009 when I started running, but I started Jan of 2010). I can definitely see me hitting 1000km this year.

and for fun I looked up when I did my first run on this shoes and added those numbers from last year to this years number and these babies have carried me for 741.7km so far. Yeah I think its time I suck it up and get me some new shoes.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello Again.

This past week sure felt like a long time.

I was going to run 10k on Sunday but I got a last minute invite to see Glee in concert so of course I went to that. It was awesome. My computer is getting replaced. Handy Mandy just has to transfer files over to the new one. Our current one is older than Bug whos 6, and its definitely been showing its age. So between that and the issues trying to post with Blogger this week I just gave up trying to post.


Tuesday I started the training cycle for a fall race. You know that BIG SCARY distance thats in October. Yeah I'm not even signed up yet but I'm almost done week #1 of training. And even though it started last night I'm thinking I'm going to sign up for the Running Room's Marathon Clinic. 42.2k is a L-O-N-G way to go without others. Don't get me wrong I have great support in my husband, family and friends but I want some people who will be actually out there with me on long training runs and who get things in a way that friends and family who don't do this wouldn't fully get.

Wednesday's run made me realize that early morning runs like 5am early have to happen now. I did 10k and it got way to hot and even my water got hot and it was hard choking that down. I had to stop at my best friend's house for a water refill and a break because I was sure it be horrible to try and finish without that. Of course it'll be interesting since the RR clincs run at night after most people get home from work. I think I'll be freezing lots of water bottles over the weeks.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Foto Friday

Seeds the boys are growing.
Trouble's bean, 2 lychee pits, Trouble's purple bean, Bug's corn.
Not pictured- the 2 avacado pits in the kitchen.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Three Things Thursday

.1. Early morning running.
I actually got out there this morning. Going to bed last night after a storm stopped a run from happening I decided to set my alarm and figured we'll see. At 5 I was up and out the door by 5:30. I actually saw about 4 or 5 other runners out there, so that was nice. I feel great now. Kid's stuff is ready for school, Handy Manny's lunch is ready(I know how spoiled is he huh?)

2. One of the main reason I wanted to get out early this morning is because Trouble class is going on a field trip and I'm one of the helper moms. I'm really excited since its my first time getting to help out really at this school. Last year I couldn't do much since I had Trouble at home. We're going to a garden thing at the harbourfront.

3. I've been dying to decorate some sugar cookies and work on my piping. Its generally too hot to bake so last night at 9:30 I made some finally. I'll decorate them this afternoon with a couple going towards my little helpers. I got some daisies and some circles. Beachballs maybe? We'll see.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Running in Shorts

I'll be honest in that I was worried about running in shorts. The pesky Burn left me with a not so pretty looking leg. There were times that I honestly couldv'e and shouldv'e worn shorts instead of my capris but I was being vain and didn't want anyone really to see my leg. There was one run at the gym in March where I wore my shorts but other than that I've kepy my leg covered.

Last nights 6k run? I wore my shorts.It was hot out and I didn't even think about it at all till I was putting some body glide on. I figured I could head out anyways and see what happens. If it looked worse than I thought then hey I'd probley have a clear path and not have to weave around others(Gotta look for the postives right?). I kept getting looks from mostly guys during my run and in my head I was parnoid that they were WTF happened to her leg thoughts. Then I decided to take a picture this morning and share my leg here. Left leg BTW.

From like 3 feet away

The front up close(everywhere its spotty is where a blister was. Ouch.)

The back and side

Welll.... theres really nothing to see. I mean there is but from a distance its not noticeable. It has to be up close to see the damage. I've since let myself think those guy.... yeah they were total checking me out.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yummy Way to End the Year

So what does one do with themselves (other than talk in the 3rd person) in the days after a race?

They make cakepops!

Last night was the last meeting of Bug's Beaver Troop. So we had a potluck BBQ. It was great and kinda sad since we made a bunch of great friends there and now with the summer its going to be hard to see everyone.
I brought in some cakepops that I made with a bit of Handy Manny's help.

We even put the tails on the beaver hats. The cuteness! (Though Handy Manny wanted to see what each beaver in the troop's tail colour was and give them all their own pop, yeah that was crossing the crazy line for me)

They were a hit considering we made all the kids wait for the dessert stuff and I still only had 2 of 48 left over by the end of the night. I think the closest I got to one was eating the last bite of Trouble's because he wanted to go play.