Thursday, September 2, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Yeah yeah I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

1. 23 days till my half!!! My long run this week is 18km. I'm so nervous and excited (more so this one) about the race. I just have to start planning the logistics of it.

2. I really really applaude those of you living in the southern states who run. I mean its been about 31(87) when I come back from a run at 6am and you run in that weather normally. I get all complainly and cranky till I get back into my A/C'd home. I cannot wait for fall weather to come and stay. The only sad thing is come October the farmer's market comes to a close. :(

3. I'm so happy school is starting again next week. I love my boys but I realize that me running in the morning before they are up means I spend more time with them and I love that, but that also means there are plenty of days where I am with them from the time they get up till bed time. With the heat waves we've been getting we've been staying indoors alot during the day and doing hte parks in the evenings so it means they've been up a bit later then I would like. And it means lots of time together in close quarters. You can only do so many play dates and trips to the mall and stuff before that gets boring. I do have lots of lovely crafts around my house right now.


  1. im running the same half marathon as u!!!

    just found ur blog through Marlene.
    its great!!

    good luck on ur race! u will do great~