Friday, September 30, 2011


Well after a week of taking it easy for the most part, my legs wanted to keep going. Last night was supposed to be a recovery run and I decided that I would just go. My watch wasn't keep tabs properly as it didn't find the satalites fully before we took off. So I had the time and I knew when I generally hit certain distances so I figured I'd just go with it.

I managed to keep a good pace that was going but wasn't hard. Its been interesting to see how the whole group is taking it easier. We're all being less risky. Like Wednesdays run, we had two options: speed or tempo. I think 3 guys picked speed. The rest of us picked tempo and even then some of us were being careful since injuries so we warmed up to a tempo pace for the last couple km instead of mostly tempo.

A good chunk of our group is doing Chicago next week!!!! and it was really exciting to see that they got their bib numbers after our run last night and see that its really setting in for them. I kinda can't wait till I'm in that spot next week!

But what makes me still excited is that this morning instead of cleaning I watched this.

It was amazing.  I cheered the runners on and I got emotional at parts (I'm sure no one is surprised at that one). Even though it was for the Chicago Marathon in 2005, it was still wonderful and uplifting to watch others that have gone through the training, know what its like to get to race day. I can't wait till I get to the starting line at Scotia.

I already get emotional when I think of the fact that I'm going to run my first Marathon in 16 days. Its still a bit away but its still so close. I fully believe the tagline above

"When you cross the finish line, it will change your life forever"

Regardless of how my race goes, I know I've won and that I'm better for all the training I've put in. That the hardest times of my training where I felt like giving up and switching to the half (btw its too late now Half is sold out so no changing for me now) will be worth the chance to cross that starting line, seeing my family and friend cheer me on and crossing that finish line and being a Marathoner.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Best Before

Check out the best before date on my yogurt!
Hahahaha. Good thing I don't plan on eating any on race day.

Marathon Challenge

Some friends of mine from my running group were talking about this program the other day.
It's called Marathon Challenge (duh) and its aired on NOVA in 2007. Its about a group that takes 13 people who want to run Boston but don't run at all and see if in 9 months they can go from couch to Marathon.

So of course I had to check it out. I cried at points in it but really is that surprise to anyone? It was just amazing to see the effort and hard work these people put in. Just how important their goal was to them. As I'm getting ready to embark on my first marathon as well its really just so motaivating to watch. Its about 1 hour long but well worth it.

I can't link the video right on here but here is the link (below) to the page with the story and video on it.

Let me know what you think!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Last Long Run

Yesterday we did the last offical long run. 32k. Now taper will start.

BTW- 20 days to go!

Yesterday's run wasn't the great. We did loose verison of a chunk of the Marathon route. Link HERE. The reason the run sucked? My calf started acting up around 22k. I was constantly stopping to stretch and had to take it easy so I could finish. As soon as I got back home I stretched more, rolled, iced, and today its more of the same.

Thankfully my new CEP compression sleeves came in the mail today. I ordered them so I'd have them for after the Marathon. Well one is currently in use on my calf and I must say having to go up and down the stairs doesn't hurt a bit now. I've decided to cut out speedwork this week. I'm not about to risk months of effort and hard work. The plan this week is to take every run easy.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Three Things Thrusday

1.It's Curriculum Night at the boy's school. We'll get to go and hear the teacher talk about whats going on for the year. We'll get to see classrooms and see where they sit. The boys are really excited. Handy Manny is excited since we're going to his favourite sushi place for dinner before hand.

So we did our second round of speed work last night. I took off the auto lap thing and remembered to hit the lap button as I finished each interval. My numbers were somewhat not really consistent but since it was raining and dark out, I was trying to see my interval numbers by the street lamps and to me it looked like I was going slow for the last 2 speed intervals and I couldn't really figure out why I felt like throwing up after that 3rd one. Well I plugged in my watch after I came home and saw this

Warm up  5:59
Speed #1 4:39
Recover   5:55
Speed #2 5:02
Recover  6:05
Speed #3 5:01
Recover  6:07
Speed #4 5:10
Recover 6:14
Speed #5 5:16
Recover 6:28 (had to fix shoelace at one point)
Cool down back to store 6:24

Yeah what I thought I saw out there was so not what was above. I'm guessing its because I kept the average pace window up so I couldn't see how fast I was actually going. I'm slowly figuring this stuff out.

3. Saturday we're off to the Farm! We get our beef from a friend of ours who obviously owns a farm and we're going to see it today. The boys will get to ride a tractor and we'll go play in the woods, Maybe the barn too if the cows are out of it. We'll do a nice lunch and hang out with some great friends. I'll definitely have some pictures to show you aftewards.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Getting Closer!

Today was my second last long run. Eeek. Shit is getting real.
I think I'll actually lose it for a couple minutes when I get my bib number.

So today's run went really Really well.

It took up back up to Edward's Gardens. There's lots of shade from trees in the parks. There's a couple bathrooms if pits stops are needed and of course a good couple water fountains. Honestly the only thing I don't like about this run is that around 5-6k and 23-34k we run basically next to my house. Its so close and its hard to have to run away from it on the way back to the store.

Today was also Terry Fox Run day. So we got caught in one and ended up walking a bit more than normal but it was good. The weather was great. It did get hot in the end with the sun but it was to be expected it was around noon by then.

My main goal for the long run was to try and keep it around race pace again like I did last week. I did a 6:22 and I need a 6:24 to get my top goal time. So its looking doable. Granted 10k will be brand new on race day so imagine I will end up slowly down a bit in that last while.

Next week we're doing our last long run 32k. We'll be doing the Lakeshore and covering some of the actual race route or as close as we can to it. Then we taper.

Eekkk. Its getting real!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Speedy Me!

Who needs a Three Things Thursday when you can talk about speed!

Last night was the clinics first night of speed work. There was actually an option of doing 5 x 1km speed intervals or doing a 10k tempo. I double check what my speed pace was and gulped when I saw the 5:37 pace. Yeah I don't know how to convert that for any American readers. I actually spent a good chunk of my day internally debating with myself.

-Speed work, it'll help with lactic threshold
-Tempo, what if I get injured during speed
-Speed work, it'll be useful come race day
-Tempo, but that pace is fast

Seriously that debate went on for what felt like forever.
But of course when it came down to it. I choose the speed work. And not just because the cool kids were doing it. Actually more people opted for tempo that speed. I talked to the B and she said to just do what I can. If its 2 intervals then great, all 5 great. That if it hurts in a way it shouldn't to stop. Simple as that.

So I set out a goal of at least 3 intervals. Now I'm not sure exactly what I did interval at. I know it was the area of my goal pace since the average pace number on my watch was are around it. But I forgot to take the auto lap off. So while it was marking every KM, It took us over 2km to get to where we were doing the workout and I didn't reset it. I think twice my watch lined up with the start of either a speed part or the recovery part. and it showed my paces where I wanted them to be. Mostly I went on feel.

Some of the faster runners in the group doing speed decided to do 800s with 300 recovery. (and I love that I kinda sound like I know what I'm talking about) so they finished when I was finishing my 3rd set. So I stopped and talked to them for a couple mins. B was nursing a tender foot so she was running our route but not doing speed work and I mentioned to her and M that I was debating doing a 4th interval. They both said that they'd do it with me, otherwise they were going to stop too. So I said fine lets go and while that was the hardest one since they are both a bit speedier than me and I didn't want to let them get to far ahead, it felt great knowing that I could keep up with them for that bit. M actually thanked me for pushing her to get that last one in, because she wasn't going to without the peer pressure and she was glad she did it.

My legs actually don't feel bad this morning. I know after some long run and the hill workout my legs feel a bit heavy the next day and today I'm not noticing that. I am noticing a black toenail developing on my left foot.But that I think is more of a sock issue.

So next week I'll set a goal of 4 intervals.
I'll take the auto lap off my watch so I can get a better idea of what I'm doing out there.
Am I weird in that while the workout sucks in the moment, afterwards I think that it (I'm) awesome? Wait don't answer that.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Look at me go!

My long run yesterday got me to 1006.24 kms for this year so far. That is the distance from Toronto to Duluth, Georgia. (thanks Google)
Marathon training does really ramp up the distance. Last year I was under 900km for the whole year. I still have months of running to go and I'm excited to see how far I'll get.

Why Hello there,

Well the first week back to school was busy. Whew.

I still managed to get all my runs in.
Wednesday was the grand hill finale the Marathon clinic dubs "Tour de Hills". We did the 10 hills that I posted other day. You know it was hard but it was good. Some of the hills were steep, others were just long gradual ones(I hate those ones the most). But afterwards I always feel great. You were supposed to pick a estimated finish time and one of the guys from the store was keeping track. I figured it would take 1:30 to finish. I actually did it in 1:21. So that was nice. I got a running hat and some deodorant samples.

On clinic night we had a talk from an area runner who has run Boston a couple times, who has done Iron mans. Hes also a realist. He'll be honest with you if he thinks your goals are too lofty. But he was also great for race prep. It was just a couple small things that made you think "oh yeah, that makes sense". The only issue we had with his talk was that he can talk forever about this stuff and by time we got out for our run it was getting dark and I didn't really realize how quickly it was getting dark till I was in the peanut running and since it doesn't get lit at night it was woah getting dark. So my recovery run was less so of one since we had to get out of the unlit paths.

But even with that I still felt great with Sundays long run. It was a fall back week with 23k. I actually did just about that but we did a water station break and I stopped my watch and it took me over half a KM to realize I forgot to turn it back on. But I did manage to keep my entire run above my marathon goal pace by a bit and match my half time with my fastest half so that caused a happy dance at one point.

Now I'm getting set for the new week. I must say I'm looking forward to the couple hours of freedom in the mornings now.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WW: 10 Hill Edition.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Most wonderful Time of the year!

Its the first day of school. The boys were excited to see everyone again and check out their new classrooms.

Bug is now in Grade 1. Hes full day now. Its going to be weird not having him around in the afternoon.

Trouble is in SK.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Ok I get. Not everyone likes running.
Those who don't get it, don't have to.
But some that don't also don't have to ridicule those of us who do love running.

I was going to post about my hitting the wall in my long run this weekend but since a conversation I had on Sunday brought up these feelings again I knew I had to post about this instead.

Someone who has no desire to run told me that she sees running as a form of punishment. That those that run like to torture themselves since there is noting good about running. I should point out here that she knows I'm a runner. That I'm training for a marathon right now. I found myself getting defensive and after a bit some of the comments from those that thought of running differently than me was getting laughs so I let it go and just kinda laughed along with everyone.

But in all honestly it pissed me off. I don't ask that those in my life love running or know what the hell I'm talking about when I'm getting into it.
My parents have a motorcycle, couldn't tell a thing about it other than that its a Harley and its red. Handy Manny has a room full of tools for his woodworking that I have no clue what they do. And quite honestly I don't really care. I still am supportive.

I just want to be supported in what I do. I know I have people I can turn to for that support. I shouldn't have to explain that running is somewhat cheaper than therapy and that it is my therapy. That my weight has been within two pounds for the past two years and my clothes size is getting smaller because I'm fitter and eating well. I have more energy and stamina for lots of things now. I know that I've kinda lost friends in part because of running. I'm not one to go out for drinks on weekend because I'm training. I can't get together last minute because this training thing is tiring so I do very few late nights now.

There is really no need at all to put down someone else's activities. It doesn't make you look better to insult what someone else works hard at. It actually makes you look jealous and petty. If its not for you that's fine, it doesn't have to be.

Oh and I for sure asked for a BIG piece of cake since I ran 30k the day before and was eating well this week. I could afford a good piece of cake rather than having a sliver of cake cause they were watching their weight. Neener Neener!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Three Things Thrusday!

Last night was hill again. It was our second last night so we did 9 of the suckers. I hate them but I get the why of doing them and apparently I'm strong on hills. I'm usually in the back when we start off but as we progress through them I get faster(which I think we're supposed to be doing) or others are getting slower. Usually I've noticed that if I pass someone from the group usually they don't get the chance to pass me back. Occasionally I'll play back and forth with one or two people but for the most part I usually end up in the middle of the group by the end. I kinda love that.

Speaking of last nights run.....My segue are awesome I know. Anyways that run obviously finished off the month and brought me to a new distance PR! In August I ran a total of  205.21 km. My last highest month was 150 in May. Yeah Marathon training really puts the distance in. Also right now I'm about 90km short from hitting 1000km for the year so far. How freaking amazing is that!!!!? Last year I got to just under 900km total and I've already passed that and there is still 4 months worth of running to add.  I've seen other bloggers post a end of the month thing, I should really start doing that.

Other than just running a lot I've been canning!
We bough 3 bushels of tomatoes this year. So far I've made tomato sauce out of 1.5 bushels and I have 13(was supposed to be 14 but 1 broke) wonderful jars of homemade deliciousness. Last year on a whim we saw that our grocery store was selling bushels so we figured "hey why not grab one and make some sauce, we've talked about wanting to do stuff like that before" so we grabbed one and made about 8 1 litre jars of sauce and it was great. Honestly we were sad when we finished the last jar so this year we planned to get 2. Handy Mandy decided at the last minute to grab a 3rd for salsa and soup. I promise there will be pictures of all this craziness.