Sunday, January 15, 2012

Been thinking

So I've done some thinking over the past week. I'm going to drop out of the Marathon clinic at the store and go to the half clinic.  I thought I wanted to do Around the Bay and that I was willing to put the training in for it. After some further thinking and realizing that having to do the distance was making me dread my runs I decided to scale back. I kept thinking it was because of the cold weather. That I run at all outside right now but I've done runs outside at a shorter distance and while it hasn't been always great there has been more enjoyment in shorter runs than the longer ones.

It means having to see about selling my bib for Around the Bay and probably having to wait till it sells out to do so but I'm already happier. I'm already less worried about my runs and how they are going. I think I was getting to caught up in what I could do since I've met some of the distance goals but forgot to really plan and think it out and take the time to ask myself if I really wanted to do distance and the races that come with it because I did or because I proved that I could and honestly because my running friends were and I wanted to stay with them. Yeah it was the latter.

Though today after some talking earlier this week I met up with some running friends. We normally talk online and haven't run together even though we all live in the same city (and I found out one is neighbours with a friend of mine! Small world!). We decided to meet up and run 5k so it was distance everyone could do. It was cold and I couldn't talk for too long since my face was getting numb but they were a great group to run with. We actually got one of the girls running a touch faster than she normally does on her own. We've already promised to do this again since the run and the coffee afterwards were such fun. Can't wait!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is time for back to normal yet?

So I missed the 10k long run this past weekend.

My kids spent all of the two week Christmas break being some kind of sick. First Trouble and then Bug. You know what that means right? Then Mommy! I spent the weekend with a fever and miserable.

For once my Hubs was colder than me. Usually hes the kind of guy that can walk around in a t shirt while I'm in two layers of long sleeves. He couldn't cuddle with me LOL I was just that hot. Oh and the corny jokes that got passed back and forth.

But even better was that once the fever broke on Sunday, I woke up Monday with with Pink eye. Don't you wish you were me? I know its crazy exciting and fun over here. So got into the Doctors today and got some drops. On the plus side I was actually able to gross the boys out a bit when they saw my eye in the past two mornings. Usually its them grossing me out.

I feel like I might see about a short run today after Hubs comes home from work. Its going to be interesting since I have to wear my glasses all week and I don't normally run in glasses, even sunglasses. I mean I was thinking of getting some for the spring/summer so it'll help with that whole practise makes perfect thing right? Sure why not.

Now I'm just trying to catch up on things.
Like laundry, meal planning, blogs, cleaning.....
Oh and finalizing my race plans for 2012.

Nothing like a bunch of sickness to throw off everything. Fingers crossed life gets boring again.

Friday, January 6, 2012


*sneaks in, dusts off some cobwebs*

Hey! What's up?

I know I know I have some explaining to do.

I apparently took a little running hiatus, which I hadn't really planned on taking but it happened. I fully admit it.


Yeap. There were so many days that I woke up and thought I would run but found every excuse in the book and didn't. I will admit that I did enjoy the time off. Spent lots of time with the boys and did some  thinking of heading back to work or heading back to school. It was maybe a small case of burn out. I'm not sure.

But now I am back. I've started signing up for spring races and I even started the Marathon clinic again yesterday. Mostly to help get me to Around the Bay at the end of March. I'm still debating the half or the full for spring but I figure regardless this way leaves my options open since the races I'm deciding between usually don't fill up and since they are on the same weekend this year I'm sure I can get into my desired distance easily at either.

So yeah Last night....

That wasn't fun. I paid for my lazy ways. We did 8k. I thought we were only doing 6k. I know 2k more shouldn't be a big deal and I did do a bit of walking. I didn't want to risk injuring myself, since its been a while since I last ran. It did show me that I could keep up a bit with those that didn't quite the break I did and I will be back with them matching paces the whole time again after getting myself back into my rhythms.

I promise a warning or something next time I decide to run away.