Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I thought Taper Week

was supposed to be easy.

Well running wise it is. Life wise its a bit crazy.

Monday for the most part was good. Then just at bedtime for little boys, the youngest came back down stairs with blood all over his cheek. There was a raised mark and he keeps picking at it and got it going again. It took us an hour to stop the bleeding. and then we got him back to bed. In the morning it started again so I took him to the ER since our Ped's office couldn't get him in till the end of the day. Spent about 5.5 hours there and got a referral to a plastic surgeon to see about getting rid of the damned mark to stop him from picking at it.

Did that today and after waiting 4 hours, it was decided to take it off and hes going to need a 5-10 min surgery to do that. We'll find out when after the Dr's office calls us.

Oh did I mention I had a job interview today? I doubt I got it. I had applied for a different position and I got called for this one and well its way above me.

Thankfully I got a 6k this morning to help calm my nerves. Thought apparently my stomach and running on nerves tend to = potty breaks.

Of course tomorrow the first day this week I can finally catch up on stuff around here, the water is getting shut off for mantainence. Guess whos doing lots of laundry tonight?! Tomorrow is also the meet the teacher night where we find out whats going this year in the classrooms.

Seriously I'm looking forward to Scotia now, just to get some time to myself again.


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