Thursday, November 25, 2010

Three Things Thrusday!

1. Of course a very Happy Thanksgiving Wish goes out to all those in the States. Enjoy some pumpkin pie for me. Just a little slice.

2. Christmas shopping will be done this weekend. The little boys are being shipped off to Nana and Papa's house for a sleepover so Mommy and Daddy can get gifts. This is honestly going to be the first year in forever that we won't be scrambling at the malls the week before Christmas. I think I like it already.

3. Last night I made 80 little enchilada triangles with phyllo. It look like these.

Hubs work does a group potluck and groups of 4 each week over 4 weeks do a themed lunch. His was mexican and so thats what I made. For some reason he didn't want to bring a dessert (weirdo). I'll find out later what everyone thought. and Yes I did make the sauce too, that'll be for dipping.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Nope, not # of posts and clearly not # of followers.
But Kilometers! I keep an spreadsheet where I put in the distance of every run I've done this year. This morning's run of the usual 6.5km put me to 800km or 497 miles this year so far. It is just amazing to see how far I've gone.

For fun so far this year I've run the distance from Toronto to Colchester County, Nova Scotia. Or if I was going to the States I've run the distance from Toronto to Savannah, Georgia. That is far.

Now there is no way I'm going to top 1000 km or even 900 for the year at this point... but I see a goal for the New Year.

Tuesday- 2 (F&V and 20 mins streght workout)
Wednesday- 4 (run) So far

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Well I slacked today. I just didn't have the energy to go for a run. I didn't stretch like normal after my run yesterday so my legs felt heavy all day. I decided well I should do my stregth training DVD since I know I have weak arms. What better reason to stop whatever excuses than getting a point for the HBBC while getting a workout in?

Yeah my arms auck. They're a touch sore from a 30 min DVD. My stomach is ok from doing the stuff but you'd think having to carry around a toddler would give my arms something but nope.

Oh well, at least they'll be in good condition for putting the Christmas tree up today after school.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Starting HBBC!

Well the first two days of the HBBC didn't go to well. I got the fruit and veg in on the first day but no real exercise on day one. On day two there was not many fruit and veg since we went the Parade and enjoyed many treats, but there was about 2km of walking along that damned parade route to get to our stop then finding the coffees, hot dogs, getting back to the subway and bahh...

Today was much better. I got the F&V done by dinner and I got my run in today. I did 8.5km(5.2 miles) this morning. It was drizzling a bit at the start with a bit of hard rain, not quite a downpour but enough to soak you in the last km and a bit. It actually felt really nice since I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and it was like 11C(51F) out there and a t-shirt would have been fine.

Saturday- 1 point
Sunday- 2 points
Monday- 6 points

Thursday, November 18, 2010

La la la I can't hear you...

..... apparently that's what some (not all of course) of those who run natural think about those that run with music.

I've read this opinion on running message boards before and never really thought much of it. I mean sure whatever, I don't usually think to much of it. I read an article in the latest issue of Runner's World where two people debated running with music and did some pros and cons to it. The Con person kept bringing up that listening to music means you're not listening to your body and your breathing and footfalls. Oh and not paying attentions to surroundings.

Its pointless to run if you're going to be wired. How does that help you disconnect from the busy life so you can unwind and focus on all the wonderful things around you? Sometimes the music helps me unwind. Sometimes hearing a great song can take my mood from crappy to happy and can even put my mind in the zone so I can focus.

I dunno about you, but maybe I don't have my tunes cranked high enough but I can definitely still hear and am aware of my breathing. and if I'm hearing my footfalls its because my form is off and I need to fix to it. and I wasn't aware that listening to music while running also made you blind, I always thought the Church said it was something else that did that but, oh well. I can still see the cars next to the sidewalk I'm on, I am fully aware of where the crosswalks are. Really the only danger is if those around me hear me sing along with whatever I'm listening to. I could scar them.

In all seriousness, I get the issues. If I'm bringing music on a run (if I'm not on the rec paths), I only use 1 of my ear pieces so the other ear can hear things around me. And of course I don't use music for every run. Maybe a bit more than half involve music.

What about you? Do you run with music?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Silver Lining

I'm currently sidelined basically and its still not fun when its you being sidelined due to someone else. Bug is sick. Crazy fever(that started Monday and broke last night thankfully)throwing up(also now done) and we're debating strep throat right now. Was hoping to get him into the Dr today but they are already overbooked(as usual) so its my job to keep him comfy and ok till we can get to the after hours Ped's clinic when Hubby gets home.

So therefore I am not running. I usually run as you all know when the boys are in school. Well when one isn't in school I'm stuck at home. Sure I could go for a run after Hubs gets home but last night Bug wanted Mommy to stay on the couch with him and so thats what I did. His needs for me were much great than my need for a run. Ok, not by much but still.

So therefore I'm grateful for the great run I had on Monday. I did my usual 6.5k route and I did it 2 minutes faster than I did all last week. and I didn't feel as crappy as I did last week during the almost end of the run. Plus today Bug is helping me avoid heading out in the crazy winds we're having with bits of rain after the crazy storm we had last night.

Silver linings are always easy to find once to go looking for them.

Friday, November 12, 2010

No Run = No Coffee

Am I the only one who's stomach can't handle coffee before a run? It always gets things going, even if it doesn't need going. We'll leave it at that. Last night I was stupid and jinxed myself. Getting ready for bed I was telling The Hubby that now that Trouble has been finally sleeping through the night and therefore so was I (getting 8-9 hours each night wohoo!) I was more tired when the alarm goes off now than I was when I was getting up countless times at night.

So you can all see where this is going right? Apparently I didn't. :(

I spent most of the night getting Trouble back to sleep. Though the majority of it I don't think he was fully awake for. But true to my word I was up easily at 7am. Go figure. So of course I wanted... sorry...needed a coffee this morning. But it was also a run day. Bah!!! So I got the boys together and off on the bus. Already in my running gear and off I went. 7km and a wonderfully hot shower later.... mmmm coffee.

I'm really happy I got out there. Today it was about 4C this morning and I started with my thin jacket, t-shirt, those one size fits all gloves, pants. Yeah the gloves lasted 1km and the jacket was taken off just halfway. Totally wished I could have been like an elite in a race where they take off their stuff and just throw it off to the side. But I like my jacket so it went around my waist.

PS. Dave Hollander (who wrote THIS Article) and his friend are Jackasses.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Same old same old

Route that is. I generally do the same route all the time.I start at my house and then go around the corner-ish to the parking lot of the local Rec Trail. Its 3k from parking lot to parking lot. If I finish back at the first parking lot its my usual 6.5k route. If I decided to battle the long gradual hill back home its 7k.

I like watching the seasons change. I like watching the frost that's covering parts of grass be rampant at the start of my run and come back and the sun has melted it.

But I mostly like the regular people I see. We never do more than a "Hi" or "How are you?" or even just a wave or a nod but we're used to seeing each other.


- Beard guy with his white huskey, I usually see them twice.
- Happy guy with his huge smile, I see him on the way out. He has one leg that doesn't bend properly.
- A group of 3-4 that walk their 6 dogs together.
- Two older men who get into debates over things as they walk the path together everyday.
- My group of Asian exercisers as I call them, there's like 12 or so of them who walk to the Dawes rd parking lot and do stretches and maybe some Tai chi. I see about half of the group as they walk the path to the parking lot on my way out. The men always say "Hi" The women usually wave.
- There's one women who does Tai Chi at the other end of the 3k path by herself. She told me once when I mentioned the other group that its too distracting with others.

There are usually other runners or people out walking their dogs that we always say Hi or wave. Maybe they'll become regulars too. I just hope as it gets colder out I don't lose all my people, who would I say Hi too?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Racing again.

So I signed up for another race. Suprising I know. The Tannenbaum 10k. I realize I seriously need goals and goals that all me don't quite cut it. I find that setting a goal of improving pace or speed don't work unless I have a way to test them. Sure I can get a new PB (or at least attempt to get a new one) on regular runs out after weeks of work. But a race is the real test for me. This race is also great because as part of your registration fee you're required to bring in a donation of a new unwrapped toy or non perishable food items.

Plus how fun and addictive is standing at that starting line and crossing the finish line?

Monday, November 8, 2010

A great run

If you look over ----> at the daily mile widget thingy, you'll see that my last run was less than 5k at a s.l.o.w pace. It was also I think one of my favorite runs in a while.
Last night just as I was started to marinate the fish for dinner I realized I still wanted to get a run in and that I should at least get 5k in since that would take me about the 30 minutes the fish needed before it was time to cook it.

It was also back to standard time and it was starting to get dark out so I started getting ready to head out quickly. Bug then asked if he could come too on his bike. I said sure and got him dressed up and off we went. I didn't get any pictures (sadly) but it was a great run. We had to be careful since some sidewalks were busy and we were talking away about Christmas, how far away Bug's birthday was, if I found races for him next year, you know important stuff. We got a bunch of smiles from some people when they realized he was biking and I was running. One guy said he thought it was a great idea.

Though I definitely recommend having "races" with your kid on his bike when you need to get some speed work in there. We had 2. "Mom, lets go as fast as we can and see who wins"

Best part? afterwards while eating dinner. "Dad, me and mommy went really fast and went really far too. like 18. It was super fun. We're going to do it again another day too."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Three Things Thrusday!

1. I've signed for Amanda's Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge.
It'll be great to keep me motiavated with all the baking I plan on doing.

2.I got out running again today! My goal right now is at least 4 days a week. Not going to far but just keeping moving. Don't want to lose all the effort from the half training cause that would suck. I just went slow and steady since during the wee early hours Trouble crawled in to bed with us and they sleep so weird when they're little so I was stuck on my side all bent up. Which gave me a sore hip come 7am. It actually felt really good to not push things.

3.My pumpkin pie from two days turned out fabulous! Hubby was in heaven eating it.(actually theres only 2 pieces left and I only an a tiny piece tuesday.) He brought some in yesterday and everyone was ohh whats that? and wheres the rest of it?. So I'm making another one today since I still have 2lbs of pumpkin puree left and Hubby will bring it in for everyone. Believe me I love some pumpkin pie but I can only handle 1 teeny piece then I'm good for practically the year.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Did it again!

Yeap got out there again this morning.
another 5k done. At this rate November will kick October's ass in just over a week.

I was dressed much better. I need some ear muff thingy thought. I just wore my wide headband over my ears and that kept them feeling good in the cold. It was -2C this morning so 28F for those of you down south. Yeah Cold, but I was ok in my long sleeve and pants. I did wear those cheapy fits all mitts.
I'm sure thats what made todays run feel so much better than yesterdays.

I gotta go finish my pumpkin pie. I'll post pics of it later. Maybe I'll even be nice and share my recipe for the best ever pie dough.

Monday, November 1, 2010

October Sucked

As far as running is concerned anyways. I'm not even going attempt to make excuses or whatever. I logged 36km for the whole month. Even before half training my lowest month was 60-some kms. Most of it was no motatvation. I had nothing to get me out there. The feeling awesome after just wasn't enough when a gloomy day was clearly winning in the mood department. Plus I got myself really worked up about Trouble which was overdone. In hindsight I realize I worried about nothing really, but I couldn't see it at the time. If something bad is going to happen to anyone in my little family its going to be him, The past almost 4 years just prove that(and his 5 hospital bracelets).

November is back on the wagon. I got there today. I'm planning on getting out there tomorrow too. Espeically since we're eating Pumpkin pie tomorrow for Hubby's birthday. Cause seriously who wants cake when your wife is going to make your favourite pie from scratch?
*BTW anyone want some pumpkin puree? I did two small cooking pumpkins and I got 3lbs of puree. Thats 3 pies worth. I'm going to have to make something else to send with him to work tomorrow just to get rid of some this stuff*

Anyways, there's a running group heading out Tuesday nights and while I'm going to miss tomorrow I'll be out there next week onward. Nothing like having others waiting for you to make sure your ass gets out there.

Oh and I can't forget to post pics of the boys from last night.
Trouble as Mr.Bones the skeleton.

Bug was supposed to be a pirate but had a last minute change of heart to last year's Superman.