Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm calling it

January has sucked ass!


I got 1 run in so far.
The first two weeks were hampered from my burn. It was mostly annoying since it also stopped my regular day to day life as well as my running life.

Then we had our freezing cold week. I could even feel the cold through my pants where the burn was so that was horribly annoying and I'll fully admit to being wimpy and choosing to not run even at some times where I could have.

Of course my thinking was that its ok I can get bad at it when the weather went back to normal this week.
Hahahahaha. Apparently someone thought that was funny and now Trouble is sick again. This child gets every thing that goes around. It started with some throwing up on Saturday and is in fever mode the past couple days. Its enough that hes cranky and not eating and sleeping well
and Guess what?

That tends to mean that I don't eat or sleep well either. So I'm cranky and should be wearing a shirt with this on it.

Fingers are crossed that February gets back on track. I'm giving up the PB for my half since I feel like I lost my base and its going to be more about just getting out there. Its more about being a runner again and getting healthy and where I need to be to be a better me.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well I got out there this morning.

It was gorgeous outside, espeically compared to the weather yesterday's. I ended up totally giving up on the original plan of running around the block as soon as I started going. Nothing felt off and so when I was supposed to turn I decided to just keep going. The weather was a warm 2C(35F) so I figured I could probably do a slow 5k. I didn't want to turn around yet when it came to the turn point for 5k so I kept going. I ended up doing 6k since I figured I needed to get back and not try and push to much or I'd risk injuring myself.

I'm literally on a high today. a great run, a hot shower, a cup of coffee. I can think of nothing that is a better start to my day.

I was so happy to be out there again. Even thought I was only out for about 3 weeks in total I was worried that it would be hard coming back to it. I was scared that even though 2nd degree burns don't go to far into the legs that it would hurt or affect my running from some damage. I mean my leg doesn't look pretty and I'm not really looking forward to shorts season again, but really at this point thats my worst thing right now. I had prepared myself that I might not be able to think of a trying for a PR at the half in May. Now that I've been out there I'm thinking I might. I'll see how training goes once it starts in February.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Bandages are off!

I'm wearing regular pants now. Though I was kinda loving the comfiness of the yoga/sweat pants, I'm happy that I can wear my jeans again.

The plan was to give running a try this morning. I figured out this over the weekend. Theres a street block that works out to be 1km. Its where I usually take Bug if he wants to come with me and we do that loop and then I drop him off at home and continue on my own. That way if I did the 1km and felt ok I could try to do a bit more and if I had to stop and walk home I wouldn't have to walk to far to get back.

Well Mother Nature gave me a BIG FAT NO on that plan. This morning we woke up to -15C(5F for those south of the border)with a windchill of -18C(0F). Yeah thats too cold to be out there in. Funnily enough tomorrow's weather forcast is +2C(35F) but with rain. I think I'll take that instead. At least that way I can get a shower and hot coffee if the rain chills me.

So my start back has been delayed another day but thats ok because I'm getting there and getting ready to take those first steps again. Time to load up the Ipod with major beat boosting tunes.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting there.

So today was a baby step in getting better.
The bandages came off my calve.
Well I'm giving it a try without being bandaged and we'll see if its ok and doesn't get sore. I tried to do that with my thigh and no way was that happening.
Ok nevermind the blister that was there wasn't done healing. Thankfully I caught it before the skin broke. Bah.

So clearly not running yet. Especially it hurts a bit if I were to forget about said injury and try to stamp the snow off my boot. Ouch.

But its a step (haha) in the right direction. Actually the hardest part is not letting my diet go to crap. Seriously, Its so tempting to eat more junk since I'm not active and don't "need" to eat so healthy. But I have to keep reminding myself I do NEED to eat healthy so that when I'm better its not going to be as hard to get back into things.

Oh and just to tease myself further. Guess what article of clothing helps keep my bandages in place? My running capris. hahahahahaha ha ha ha (Sarcastic laugh BTW)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sesame Street: Gordon's Morning Run

See what you find when your kid is a fan of YouTube videos?
Or you have Saucony on your Facebook feed?


That was a good one. Like the one where light shines down and heavenly choirs sing.

Its amazing how outlook gets changed when the pain goes away. I can walk normally now. Though I did accidentally pop the big blisters so that sucks because now I'm on infection watch but as long as I take care of things it should be ok.

So remember that 3 month gym membership I won at the beginning of December? Well I'm thinking next week I'll go and use it and join the gym. I figure I could do the elliptical or the bike to help me keep to be active. Maybe even some of the machines to work my upper body because mine totally sucks at the moment.

I figure as long as I'm as active as I can be, I can be ok with not running yet.

and for a funny. I feel like a dumbass. My gauze wrappings on my leg never stay up. I'm constantly having to fix them since they start to fall down almost as soon as I stand up. Well..... I finally clued in that I've been putting them on while sitting down on the edge of whatever (chair, couch, bed) and of course my thighs are spread out a bit then so duh!! no wonder they're way loose than when I'm standing.

Can I use baby brain as an excuse when they are 4 and 5?
No? Thats what I thought.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


and Pissed off
and Upset
and Sad
and Impatient
and Restless
and Emotional

Seriously this sucks.

I've been getting a bit of mobility in the sense that Hubby knows not to lecture me when I get up otherwise I'll yell back. And yes I'm being careful. I don't walk around the house much. If it starts to hurt I get my ass back to the couch. But for someone who is always on the go. I love being able to run around the house to get things done. and I can't right now. All my plans to start the year have been put on hold.

I know its just temporary. I can put up with what I'm supposed to do because if I don't then it will take longer to heal and I'll be out of use for longer.

We had a really warm New Years and it had melted all our snow. Two nights ago it snowed again. Enough that there was a bit of snow and after school Hubby and the boys got to make a little snowman in the front yard.The first one of the year! I got to watch from the window. I was ready to cry not being part of that.

Trouble has an appointment with his cardiologist today. Its his annual checkup on the holes in his heart. This is honestly the first medical appointment that I've ever missed. I know it makes sense that Hubby take him since I'm not well enough to navigate the craziness of the clinic and the cardiology ward.

I'm not even allowing myself to think about what condition my running could be at when I can get back to it which more than likely won't be till Feb. Thats over a month of nothing. Bah.

OK pity post over. I had to get all that out so I could get over it.

Its an injury NOT the end of world.
Its temporary and not as bad as it could have been.
I have the opportunity to allow myself to heal properly and not everyone does.
I have a great support system.
I have people who love and care for me.

For all that I am THANKFUL and Blessed!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Its not the way I had planned to come back here today.

I was supposed to have gone for my first run of the new year this morning. It was going to be my first run since the one I did in Guelph while visiting my parents for the holidays. It was going to be about how I apparently thrive on a routine and that having the hubby and kids home threw things totally out of balance.

But now its going to be how I'm more than likely not getting back into running for a least a week. Maybe more we'll see.

Last night I burned my right leg with boiling water. I was straining pasta for dinner and the pot slipped or the water splashed and I let go of one of the handles and then splash! Thankfully the kids weren't in the kitchen with me. I couldn't move with my jeans on so Hubby had to help pull them off so I could get up to the tub to start getting cold water on me. We ended going to the ER after dropping the boys off with my friend. Apparently I looked really bad and there was some paramedics with a patient on a stretcher waiting to go through registration and they let us go ahead.

It hurt so badly I was shaking uncontrollably and that freaked me out more than the pain. The pain I expected the shaking not so much. I got through everything quickly and they had us pouring saline over the burns and that felt wonderful. As long as I was getting cold liquid on me I could control the shaking and catch my breath. I got some amazing pain meds and after those took effect they dressed my leg up. I have a bunch of 2nd degree burns all over my leg. Mostly in the upper thigh. They sent us home with all the stuff they used so Monday we can redress it.

So for now I'm out of commission. It sucks. I'm not used to having to rely on people for the small things. It bugged me to have to ask hubby to get my coffee this morning. Its wrapped not very tight so it doesn't hurt more or pop any of the blisters so anytime I stand up the bandages start to slip down. Bah. I even had the though last night of "Well I least I don't start half training till February".

At least now I could maybe work on my Mario Cart skills and catch up on some reading.
Anyone got some time wasting websites for me?