Wednesday, July 31, 2013


If you follow me on Twitter or Dailymile you'd see that today I ran 4 hills. My plan had me at 10k Tempo and I had got myself ready for an hour of pushing myself to keep a steady pace rather than go out too fast and burn out at the end. Well I got to the store and met up with everyone and snuck a look at the board where all the clinic post the night's plan.

Marathon: 4 happier hills.

I had totally forgotten that the clinic group that I run with sometimes is the training clinic for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Which is on October 20th. Two weeks before my race. So they are two weeks ahead of me. And it meant that tonight was the start of hill training.

We got a total of 7.75k in and ended up doing the hill behind the water plant down at the lake. I didn't even know there was a path/road behind it. It worked out really well because we managed to get a bit of a talk about hills and I don't get to go to the talks since I work the day they do those. There was some nice talk about posture and even a trick for doing your laces that work well for hills. It's called the Butterfly. I tried looking for pictures about it and am coming up short. In any case I'm guessing it helped since I didn't even register my shoes while powering up the hills.

The only other big question I guess would be how to handle my training for hills and such. Since in training we start at 4 hills and go to 10 hill and then move on to speedwork. I'll have to think about whether I want to stay with my plan more or make some changes.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sadly we had to say Goodbye

I haven't been posting much this month.

The main reason is that we had to put a lot of KMs on our car as we drove down to visit Dad(Hub's dad). This past winter he was diagnosed with Gastric Cancer and it was in the later stages when we finally knew what it was. We were taking every chance we could to drive down and visit with him and Mom. He was admitted to Hospice in mid May and he passed away July 16th at 63 years.

Him and Hubs at our wedding
I knew him since high school. Dad was a teacher there, so I've known him for half my life. Actually when dating Hubs it took me almost a year to stop calling him Sir all the time. :)
Mema and Grandad with the Grandchild just before it started.

He was a truly wonderful man who clearly loved his family and his life. He taught us a lot about being a good parent and role model. I just hope to continue to make him proud.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


And its only week 2 of training.

I have another 18 weeks to go. I've always had lots of admiration for those that train for marathon in general. I mean its tiring and you're hungry a lot. and adding in training on top of a full time job. I mean that's why for my first Marathon I chose to do it before I went back into work. And now I'm doing it too.

I'm sure the heat isn't helping but man I'm tired. This whole working full time on my feet then add the running and the family stuff....whew.. Its enough to make me want to crawl back into bed.

Actually one of my biggest challenges is that since I'm feeling tired and run down a bit is that I first reach for a coffee. I need to make sure I'm grabbing a big cup of water first then the coffee because I notice that its really easy to miss out on getting enough water. Thankfully the work schedule is going to change a bit and I'll be doing more middle shifts where I won't be by myself for long stretches so it means I won't have to worry about having to close the store to hit the bathroom.

Now if I could just get my chocolate addiction under wraps a bit....

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Officially starting to Train

So this week was the official start to my New York training. 

Tuesday- 6k Tempo
Wednesday-10k Tempo
Thursday- 6k Steady
Friday- Rest!(It's also delivery day at work so I count it as cross training)
Saturday- 6k Steady
Sunday -10k LSD

So far I'm doing good. Both my Tempo runs have me hitting my targets. Thought starting this week as well I'll be back at the Running Room with the Marathon clinic for Wednesdays and Sundays. I went tonight and it was great. I realized how much I missed everyone.  I actually ran most of the route on my own, but I figured Sundays will be the day to be social during the runs and Wednesday its more for keeping on target. It kinda sucks how my schedule doesn't allow for me to do the full clinic with everyone but I did sign up for the online version and will bug the heck out of my instructor Steve. I'm pretty sure come November he'll be happy that the clinic and my questions will end. 

It was really hot and sadly not the hottest I've run in. I actually got panicked for a bit while running when I realized I wasn't sweaty as much as I had been earlier in the run. Of course I was running INTO the bit of wind at this point and as soon as I stopped at a light I felt it all come back but now I'm loading up on water and a bit of Gatorade just to make sure I'm hydrated enough. Don't want any bonking during tomorrow's run. It'll probably be a bit slow since I've been pushing it at the Tempo paces this round. 

P.S I have a new vintage of an awesome red to try this weekend!