Friday, July 30, 2010

Not to bad...

So I was supposed to be up at 5am this morning to get my 5k in. Well Around 4:30 I had a horrible dream about some crazy stalker guy and how he was after my family. Yeah the thought of running outside while it was still dark, didn't sound like a good idea after that. I'm one of those crazy mothers who after having kids can no longer watch the Law and Orders, CSIs and the like. While the husband was working overnight shift work a couple years ago I used to sleep with my cell phone under my pillow in case someone broke into the 15th floor apartment we were living in at the time. It totally made sense. If I just brought the cordless phone and needed to call 911, then the light on the base in the kitchen would light up and alert buddy I was calling the cops on him. DUH. We can't have that happening.

But anyways I'm saner now (hopefully) and I still avoid those kind of shows. Which allows me more time for Food Network and trashy reality shows. But that dream I had a hard time shaking off. Finally I managed too and got some more sleep. I ended up taking the kids to the Island and we had a great time.

After the husband got home I got my run and seriously today was a great weather day. It was warm (obiviously, its summer) but not to humid and it was a good day to get an evening run in. It sucked at first with 3 side cramps before the 2k mark. I was almost at the point if I got another one I was calling home to get them to come pick me up. But I just slowed down and watched my breathing more carefully, and was good for the other 3k. Its funny though because once I got home and looked at my paces

1k- 5:52
2k- 5:54
3k- 5:53
4k- 6:07
5k- 5:56

I wasn't really slowing down. Again that really shows you the mental aspect of this thing. My leg was fine during the run and I didn't feel anything till after I got into my comfy clothes and helped get the kids ready for bed. So I did some more stretches and iced my sore spots. Starting to think I should get back into yoga and also finally pick up one of those foam rollers.

Gee, it almost sounds like I'm starting to get serious about this whole running thing...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Leg still hurts. No run. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Water please.

In order to get the amount of water I need daily into me I drink it from a bottle.

A 500ml one like that. Though I try to be nice and envirmentally friendly and once I've finished the bottle I just refill it at home and stick it in the fridge so I always have cold bottled water waiting for me.

I cannot for some reason get the same amount of water into me if its in a glass or one of those steel drink container things. It needs to be a plastic water bottle. My husband finds it funny and the boys like to call bottled water "Mommy's running juice"

Anyone else have any weird drink/food quirks? I won't even bother getting into my enjoyment of peeling grapes while eating them thing...

In other news I think I injuried my leg while doing a tempo run yesterday. I've been icing it occasionally and trying to rest it but when you stay at home with two boys thats not the easiest thing to do. It doesn't hurt today so we'll see. I was supposed to do hills today after the husband gets home from work, but I might just see how it feels when I start and if it starts to hurt some more I'll turn around and come home. That was my mistake yesterday not slowing down my run and/or cutting it short. Talk about major lesson learned.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beaches Jazz Fest 10k Tune Up Race

July 25th 2010

The night before I didn’t feel nervous at all, it was just a run. I drank a ton of water, even though my ever so loving husband kept encouraging me to have a beer with him while watching Dr. Who. I went to bed at my normal time with plans to wake up at 6am.

Which I did and realized I apparently was nervous. I got up checked the weather for the last time and had breakfast and a coffee. Finished packing up my bag and ready to head out. I headed out and was at the race start/finish just 10 minutes before the 20k group was leaving at 8:30am. So before I got my bib number I decided to watch them take off. Even though there was an hour before the 10k start time, I wasn’t the only one with the idea to get there super early. So I got my bib number and decided to find a place to hang out while I waited. Thankfully I had brought a book to read for a while. 30 minutes to the start time I grabbed the bathroom which there was no line for (wohoo) and then checked my bag. As it got closer to the start time I was able to see that there was almost twice as many people doing the 10 as there was doing the 20k. I ran into a buddy of mine and said hello just before we lined up to start. This wasn’t a chipped or well timed race but I had my garmin with me so I decided to go by that since the clock they did have was started an hour ago when the 20k group started.

We did the countdown and off we went. The path we were on was a good size so there wasn’t too much tripping over anyone going on. It was encouraged to just use this as a training run and to not go too crazy which I decided to follow and took it easy. The 1km marker came and I was going well. The sky was cloudy and being practically on the beach meant a little breeze. The majority of the route was on the Martin Goodman trail which was open to the public during this race, but thankfully it seemed most people decided to avoid it. Around 2k there was a water station and since I had brought my own water I passed by it. There were no more markers till the 5k turnaround point, so I used my watch to take a quick walk break around 3k. Around the 4k point we were getting the first real wave of 20k runners heading back. So the pathway was getting really crowded and there were a lot of runners almost running on others since there was no room to pass, unless you wanted to hit people on the way back. We hit the turnaround point and I managed to keep going till the next water station where I took another walk break to have a drink, this time I grabbed some Gatorade since I was sweating so much and starting to feel tired. I remember looking up and seeing the clouds start to clear and just thinking that it needs to hold out till we’re done. I doubt I would be able to keep it up with the sun blasting down on me. We hit the 8k marker and I felt the need to finish, Just to keep it up since it would be over soon. Once I hit the last marker at 9k I just kicked it up a couple notches. I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull a -1:00 partly because an ambulance was on the path (I think another runner got too dehydrated I think) and we had to go around it and the people on the board walk, but I could get it on the hour mark. I keep up the quicker pace and did a touch of weaving to cross the finish line at 1:00:32.

My pace splits

1km: 6:13
2km: 5:49
3km: 6:08
4km: 6:07
5km: 6:19
6km: 6:11
7km: 6:07
8km: 6:19
9km: 6:01
10km: 5:31

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brought to you by the letters G and O

Don't you hate it when most of the mental difficulties with running(or any activity really) happen before you even start? Its like part of you is trying to set the rest for failure. We are on vacation in our house so everyone is home and we all woke up later than normal and I decided I should get my run in eariler rather than wait till nighttime to get it in. Well the doubts of me doing well in my first half started. I missed a run, What if the pace is too fast, what about water, side stitches, etc... and to top it all off Yesterday was a hill run. 3k warmup (mostly because thats how far away the hills are from my house) 4 hill and the the 3k cool down home. I honestly cannot tell you what my paces were, or really any of the techical info. It took a lot of mental talk to make sure I ran the whole way up the hills.

Just go.
Come on GO.

But I did it and got them all done. There happened to be another runner there doing the same hills that I know from seeing her at the Running Room and we waved on the second pass. Pretty sure she gave me a weird look when I did the hands in the air thing after getting to the top of the last one.

Of course afterwards I made sure everyone knew I ran 4 hills. I needed those extra pats on the back to keep me going. Well that and coffee. Plus the knowledge that Friday's run(5k) will be a piece of cake after hills.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Out and Back

Sunday mornings how I love you!
Usually the weather isn't to bad if you start out early enough. Though I need to invest in some cheap sunglasses or a hat or both.
I met up with a running buddy this morning and we did an out and back through one of the local parks/trails. I love running with someone. Even if there isn't really a ton of talking going on just knowing someone is going through all of that with you is amazing to help keep me going. We hung out more on the trail side which most people use to walk their dogs since it was more shaded and that helped a ton. There was a ton of bikers, no not the leather wearing ones, the spandex wearing ones. Most were pretty good but there was a couple of them that either didn't have a bell or waiting till they were practically beside us to let us know they were coming through. We went nice and slow so even though I was still sweating I wasn't breathing too hard which is always nice.
On the way back my buddy was having some issues with getting winded and so I took a couple extra walk breaks with her and we weren't too bad till near the end when I started feeling it. With 1km to go she had to take another break and thankfully she was ok with me not stopping. Mostly because I doubted that if I stopped and walked with her, I'd be able to start up again. It was really interesting to see that we didn't leave till around 8am and at 9:30-ish when we were coming back that we saw a ton of runners heading out. We definitely kept saying how happy we were to not be running with a clinic since we both would rather be up earlier and get our runs in rather than wait for the big groups.

Next Sunday is the Beaches Jazz fest 10k. My second 10k race so that'll be interesting. After that the base building for my long runs is done and I start amping it up every week. A bit nervous but excited too to see how I handle the brunt of the hard work. Race day will just be how I show off all the effort of training.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Its all Uphill

So according to the training plan, today was first day of hills! yeah!

I'm not a huge fan of them but I get why we do them off I went and will go for the next couple weeks.
Today started off with 3 so I ran down to where the Running Room clinics do them, there is a bunch of streets that we call the Four Fingers.

It works out great because they are all a bit different like 1 is a straight up, another levels out half way only to be bit steeper the rest of the way. Plus since there is 5 hills, for the first couple of weeks of hill training you don't have to repeat any hills, so its not like you're doing the same hill over and over again.
It was rough going up them but Man! the feeling your body gets when you feel the ground level out at the top. Its almost one of those Mastercard priceless moments.
So I got those done and decided this called for a treat so instead of running straight home I went to Timmy's instead and am currently enjoying my well deserved Mocha. mmm mmm mmmm. Surprisingly its almost 8:30 in the morning and the other 4 people currently in my house are all still sleeping.

Seriously this is what morning are made for. A good run, yummy coffee and peace and quiet.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cool and Friendly

This morning was 10k. Well I did just under that. I went out with friends running today and man did I miss running with others. 5am just doesn't work well with running with friends, since most of my running friends don't live in my neighbourhood. Anyways so Steve came and picked me up and off we went to the Brick Works to go run the path/trail behind it and also did some of the discovery walk paths around Mt Pleasant Cemetery. There was some major hills in the first half but the second half more than made up for it. The paths were nicely shaded and it was great, never really too hot, so it made having conversations super easy. Between that and the great company, there was hardly anything negative going on in my head. Think Steve is going to sign up for the Scotia half too so I'll definitely have someone to run then with if he does.

So this week in my training I start hills. I'm seriously going to need to take a picture of the hills nearby my house. Its the same ones that the local Running Room use for their clinics. I'm going to start out with doing 3 hills and we'll see how I feel after. I'm already planning on bringing some change and grabbing a Timmy's after for a reward.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot like an oven

It is way too hot out there for 5am. It literally felt like I was swimming in the air as I was running. I was completely doubting that I would be able to do a tempo run and had prepared myself for the idea that it might just be a regular run just so I wouldn't die in the heat.
I managed to keep it going though. My 3k intervals were


thought I was actually 10 meters short of a km on that last one since I had to stop at the grocery store to get stuff so I could finish making cake for my Mother-in-law's birthday this weekend. I'm making cake for about 70 people. Eek.

I know its the weather mostly talking but I'm starting to have some doubts about doing the half come September. Its going to be my first so I figured these doubts would come by. I still plan on doing it and I was trying to NOT have any real time goals for this one. Its hard since most training plans have it based off a finish time and I'm using a plan for a 2 hour half but my real goal is to finish it and I know I can. Its just going to be really hard. If it means doing it at my long slow run pace then thats what I'll do. If I have to do 10 and 1s then I'll do that. But its so hard to keep at it and not just try to sell or give my place away and stick with 5 and 10 ks. I feel like I'm going to be fighting some major mental fights over the next 11 weeks.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Visiting Nana and Papa

Now with the end of the school year we had to make the trek to my parents. Its been quite a while since we were here last. I didn't do my friday run cause we were just hanging out and HandsomePants ended up having a nap which meant a late night for us.
The boys of course are having a blast. We've been swimming in the pool at my parent's apartment complex. We've been at the park of course, they have a merry go round there and a train that does this little loop which the boys love. Yesterday we hit up the Elora Gorge. It was quite a trek down the sides so we could throw rocks into the river.

This morning I did get out for the planned 10km run. I got lost twice. It was an out and back and the first time was on the way out, actually really early in the run but it only added maybe a 1/2 km before I found the route again. It was really hot but thankfully there was lots of shady spots. The great part of doing a route that I haven't done before is that I actually take the view in. Definitely helps the km pass by quickly. Thankfully paying attention to the view on the way out helped me not get lost on the way back. I did one turn and realized that I didn't remember passing this interesting car. Turned around and found my way home. If the swimming pool was open I think I would have jumped in fully dressed in my gear. Nothing like cold pool water for an ice bath, but figured I could wait till later to go swimming. Besides who wants to miss Sunday morning pancakes.