Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Me? a Speaker?

So I've been for the most part enjoying my freedom. But I had something exciting to share with you all.

Last night I went to the other side of the city and did a motivational talk with the Learn To Run and Fitness Walking Clinics at the High Park Running Room. One of my friends is the leader of the FW and I guess she thought it would be nice to share my story and show off my bling. I figured "Sure, why not?" So I basically told them how I started right where they are and worked my way up. I think I did scare a few when we talked about the higher clinics and what they entail (the hill training, speed work, longer distances)

It was also great to see how encouraged some were from my I want to do that! story. I was nervous but it was great being able to tell others that I was where you are and if you want to further it is totally possible. That they should be proud of what they are doing now because as that saying goes...

Afterwards I joined the walkers for their workout. I helped my friend out and got the slower one in the back moving a bit by keeping her talking. We did 6k (4miles) in an hour and it was great. I even got to find out how the walking clinics work and help give them advice on where to get cheap tech clothes and my tips for being active outside in the winter. I would have loved to join the LTR but I was more eager to hang out with my friend (who BTW made me an awesome dinner).

Seriously some of the talks alone are one of the reasons I like the Running Room's clinics so much. There are some more technical talks about clothing and nutrition and stretches/phyiso and its always great to be able to get information straight from someone who knows it rather than searching online and in books that will usually have conflicting advice. So it was great to be able to share the (limited) information that I know with others and encourage them on the great effort they are doing.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winter... Its a coming!

For the past couple weeks when I run I've moved on to pants instead of capris or shorts. Long sleeve shirts from tanks and t-shirts. Today I've also added my windbreaker running jacket. While I'm thrilled that I have pockets for mitts when my hands over heat and a place to hold my tissues. I'm sad that I have to start bundling up more.

Honestly its pretty much because more clothes worn while running = more clothes to wash. I can handle the cold once I'm out there. Its the whole getting ready thing that shows my wimpy side.

I would like a new running jacket though.
I currently wear this
in the light pink. Had there been a brighter pink available when I got mine I would have gotten it for sure.
It NEEDS vents. That's the main reason I haven't changed it up yet. The one above has great vents. and it needs to NOT be black. I've been looking online but its hard to judge when your not touching it. I over heat easily and therefore don't go crazy on layers.

Maybe Santa will be nice and get me a new jacket. (I'd be doing a hint hint thing here but HandyMan doesn't read my blog I don't think.....But my parents do......)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Virtual Run! (hosted by a friend)

An online friend of mine is hosting a Virtual 5k. Her name is Courtney and she posts over at
A So-Called Runner. Her Daughter Ashlyn passed away on Dec 2 2008 and she wants to honour her daughter with this run. So head over to her post HERE to read about the run and sign up! Let me know if you do so I can keep my eyes open for your post about the run.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Getting it off my chest.

Its about my Marathon.
I need to move on. So I'm sharing this finally. I hadn't planned to honestly.

Handy Man tries to be supportive and I really appreciate him letting me complain (still) about this.

First off let me mention that I am VERY proud of what I accomplished. I did something I set out two years ago to do. I did something that many people won't even attempt.

But I am not happy with my results.

I know I know!

My main goal was to finish. But really even for your first time you kinda have time goals in your head as to what you think you are capable of and what you are training at.

I trained for a 4:30. Actually all my training runs were using the paces for that time goal. Lots of runs I was doing a time for closer to 4:15 but I kept 4:30 in my mind. Even my long slow runs were all done at a sub 4:30 pace. I was ready and I was going to nail my race.

Then my legs were achy from the start.
I was sooooo not ready for the pain that last 10k.
My stomach was done in that last 5k.
It was hard even more so because my running buddy was also in pain and we were so quick to take walk breaks for the last couple K. I'm also so happy I had her there since I needed someone to talk to and remember why we were putting ourselves through so much pain.

But I'm not happy. I was on target for around 4:30 for most of the race. It really Sucked watching that time slip away. The stars did not align the way they were in my training runs. Not every day is going to be perfect. There are way to many factors that need to be counted and it was a rough day. Even that first day I was more happy to be done than happy about what I accomplished once I got back home.

I'm pretty convinced that's why I'm even been thinking of doing this marathon thing again.
I want that 4:30.
I am more than capable of that time.

There! It is now out there and I can take the steps to make sure that when I attempt this again I will be ready.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Quiet on the Homefront

I've gotten two runs in this week so far. I had to miss out on Wednesday since Bug had a dental cleaning in hte morning and then we have Beavers in the evening. I already have plans to meet up with friends this weekend so I'll get at least 3 runs in. I'd head out this morning but I'm finishing my cookie exchange stuff for tomorrow.

I'm making these babies.

Chocolate Caramel Shortbread. Yummy.

I've even signed up for my Santa 5k and Around the Bay. Now I can't complain like last year that I missed out on ATB because I took to long to sign up. I've even been thinking of seeing if we could make a weekend out of it sans children.... We'll see.

Maybe I'll start taking more pictures. I gotta find something to keep me blogging more until my next training cycle starts.

Monday, November 7, 2011

New Week, New Start

Well the party was a success. Everyone had fun. I didn't realize how tiring the day was until after everyone left. Once I didn't have to be "on" I was exhausted.

Even thought I know I didn't hydrate enough (bad bad me) last week I still headed out this morning. It was hard and took some effort to keep going but I did it. It didn't suck but with some goals I have in mind it made me realize that theres some work ahead for me. Its all going to start with getting back to running regularly. I'd like to keep up with my 4 days a week.

 Definitely talking with some of Handy Man's friends at the party helped. They're not runners but this one was amazed that two years I couldn't run down the street and as of now I've done a Marathon. What made it interesting to me was that I just kept repeating that I set a goal and I did the work to get me to that goal. I didn't do anything I consider speical. I started eating better(for the most part, if I'm being honest), I drank more water. I put in the miles. I took care of myself.

And I'm going to continue taking care of myself and putting in some distance, for no other reason then I like running and I like how it makes me feel.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three Things Thrusday

 I'm still around. Obviously.
This week has basically been a total write off. With Monday being a major write off and Tuesday being a catch up and yesterday being a birthday, today was the first chance I had to get a run in really.

But I only got just over 1.5k. I'm not even putting it in daily mile. I fought myself going out. It was more about the "I Should"s. I should run today. It wasn't a "I Need". There are a bunch of excuses I could use and some of them would actually be legitimate but in reality its was just that I didn't want to. I couldn't imagine going any further and having a whole run suck. So I stopped and walked home.

I knew better. This week was busy and I knew my runs would suffer, but there is always next week and a chance to be more into my running again.

Speaking of Birthdays, Yesterday was Handy Man's birthday. He is now in a whole new decade. At 30 I made sure that he knew if he was a runner he'd be in a new age group and have a better chance at placing higher. He laughed at that one. We didn't do to much since we had a Beaver meeting after dinner but he got some yummy cake that Trouble and I made for him. This weekend is his birthday party. My house will be taken over for a fun night of family and friends.

On Sunday I went out with some friends from the marathon group. We did just under 12k and it was great. While we were running we were talking about races we were thinking of signing up for. If I were to do a clinic again, the Half on started this week and would get me to Around the Bay but after that race the other half clinic and the full clinic would be half way done. So I'd have to pay for an extra clinic but miss most of it. A couple of them were mentioning that I should sign up for the Marathon Clinic again(in Jan) for my Around the Bay race in March. That way the training will get me back up to that distance(and I'd be running with friends) before the race and then if I wanted to I could knock out an awesome half in May or I could stay and work on my full.

The worst part about that was I was actually considering it! Seriously?!!!
People told me this would happen. One is never enough. I should know better since of how my personality is, but come on Jess!

Regardless neither May race I'm looking at sells out come end of March (or usually at all) so I could do Around the Bay and then decide my May race.

Man while #1 shows that running can be rough #3 shows that its still addicting. BTW Handy Man laughed at me and said "I told you so" after I mentioned the talk me and my friends had on Sunday.