Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Catch Up

We are back! Things are starting to calm down again. I think I'm finally caught up on reading everyone's blogs.

Easter weekend was wonderful. We all had a great time at Geek's parents (Gonna try that nickname for Hubs for a while). The boys absolutely LOVED spending all that time playing with their cousins.

I even got my long run in. 16k done in humid weather. It was a gorgeous day on Saturday and I had totally forgotten that when it gets warm it also get humid down there. We ended up coming home much later than we planned for Monday but I think we all missed our beds since once everyone was asleep (myself included) no one made a peep till alarms went off in the morning. Which kinda surprised me since the boys had some rough nights while we were away.

I've missed ohhhh what? two weeks worth of hill runs. I'm thinking I'm going to tweak my schedule yet again and see about just alternating speed work and hills for the next couple weeks. I know speed is important but I don't want my legs to forget how to handle those couple hills.

ohhh and April is a major high! as in high distance. Its my first (and hopefully not only) month with over 100km of running in it this year.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Anyone else have a hard time drinking water when the weather is crappy out? Summer time or nice warm spring is no issue and I'm downing 3 litres no problem. Winter and cool(cold like today) spring and fall and I'm struggling to get 2 litres in me.

2. I'm insanely proud of Hubs. Today he got an email from Scouts Canada telling him to go to their site and pick a gift from there. They had the usual like travel mugs, pocket knifes, mini flashlights. Whatever he picks he'll be given next Friday at the troop section banquet. Its their way of acknowleging the effort he(and I'm assuming the other leaders too) put forth helping out the beaver troop.

3. I'm being tagged teamed. I had the wonderful taste of freedom yesterday. I got my run in and I got some errands for Easter done. It apparently was just a tease. Bug threw up during the night. Low grade fever as well. No school for him = me having to wait for Hubs to get home from work to run and get the last stuff ready for our trip. Even though I'm not a super fan of treadmills I shouldv'e asked for one for my birthday. That I could get my short runs in as planned.

Hope you all have a good day!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Running in the Unknown

Ok not completely the unknown.

For Easter weekend we'll be headed to the Burg where DH and I both lived before we moved to Toronto for college. His parents (and half of his siblings) still live down there. So I do know it. But I've never run down there before.

Thankfully there is MAP MY RUN. I went and looked and found a ton of routes. The only real issue is that most of them head out of town onto the county roads. Yeah I didn't want to do that. So I found a 10k route and improvised it to get my 16k in. Even got a cheat sheet made up with street names on it so I don't get to lost. Plus my phone has GPS so I'm sure that'll come in handy. (In case you can't tell I'm horrible with directions)

It'll be interesting but I have just over a month left before my half and I really don't want to miss anymore long runs. I need them. and Thankfully I don't plan on doing any hill training there. According to the elevation chart on the site there isn't any. So thats a thumbs up compared to my normal long run route. The only downside is the fact that The Weather Network is calling for 60% chance of rain.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Restless and teary eyed

So no running since Friday. Long run Sunday didn't happen thanks to the crazy weather we had here. It was literally a rotating cycle of rain, hail and snow. Plus Hubs was working and before he got home Trouble was feverish and cranky with Bug's virus. Booo.... We're currently on day 3 of it and I'm praying its over soon. We're supposed to go down to my Inlaws for Easter and I need Trouble to be well for then.

So yeah 4 days of no running so far. I'm getting ansty. I'm getting worried about what this means for my training, mostly I think because I'm ansty, since I know I'm fine. But when you're stuck on the couch with an feverish clingy 4 year old who needs to be touching you in some form to sleep for hours at a time, you're mind starts to wander. Today Bug has Karate and Hubs (I really need to get a nickname for him) has the dentist so if I run tonight it'll literally be a last minute thing.

Thankfully for a while I was able to watch the Boston Marathon yesterday. Please someone tell me I wasn't the only one who was getting teary eyed watching them start and finish. When I was telling Hubs about the amazing 2:03:01 finish he asked if I cried. I think he knows me well. In every race I've done since my first in October 2009 I've gotten teary eyed at the finish. Actually for my first half I did cry a bit after I crossed the finish line. I'm forcasting when I do my first full I'll be bawling like a baby. Maybe I should get a shirt with "Its my first Marathon" on the back so everyone will know I'm just being emotional and not injuried.

Fingers crossed Trouble feels better today and goes to school tomorrow. I need to get out there.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Foto Friday!

Since I missed TTT yesterday I figured I had to get in for this one.

Bug had a fever for the past couple days so I didn't get out as planned but thankfully my schedule is pretty easily moved around and I still got my runs in. Wednesdays Hill training got moved to this morning.

and the hill?
Here it is.

and that's not even all of it. It curves more after that initial turn and gets a bit more steeper.I tried to get a picture of all of it but I would have to be on the road next to it and there would be a bunch of smaller trees in the way. I am crazy and do prefer short and steep to long and gradual any day.

On the path I like to run on there is a bunch of spray painted stuff written on there. Nothing bad just a bunch of names and there is a happy birthday too. But my favourite is this one.

I always feel like I need to step on it at least once in my runs.

Do you see any graffiti while out that makes you smile?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Last Day of 28!

That's right. Yesterday was my last day as 28.

Today I woke up to the joys of 29!

It was a great weekend. First Hubby's brother came by with his family. My newphew is adorable. And they are expecting another little one is June so I can't wait for another little baby to be around. After they left Hubs best friend came over and we enjoyed some yummy pizza. With lots of water.

Sunday started off great too. I woke up and saw that it was supposed to be thunderstorms and not just regular rain so I got out there to get my 16k long run in. I'm loving that the rec paths are all clear so I'm doing all my long runs on the actual race route for May. I'm going to own that course. As I was headed out after 3k I came across a water station and pilons. Ohhhh theres a race. I got to about 7k and there was the start of a 10k/5k race. I went passed the start another 1.5k before I had to turn around. Thankfully the 10kers had already taken off by time I got back to the starting line. But as I was going by the 5kers started. So I ran the first 3k of a 5k race.

It was interesting since they had to go through parts of the path in certain ways while I didn't so when I would try to go different someone would stop me and I was constantly having to tell them that I'm not in the race. Just a regular run. But it felt great that for a good chunk (about 5k) of my run I was keeping it near a 6:00/km pace and it felt ok. It was heavy breathing but it wasn't exhausting me like it ususally would. That made me feel great since I was getting bummed that I was doing that pace most of last year and this year I was slower. Just as I was finishing up my run the first claps of thunder came so I made it home at the best time.

After I showered and changed we headed out for brunch and went back to Dr. Generosity. The yummy place we went after Bug's race. Yes we went to other side of the city for food. And it was so worth it. Both Hubby and I had the blueberry/banana stuffed french toast. *Cue the angels choir please* The rain stopped and it turned into a wonderfully warm and sunny afternoon. We walked around and just enjoyed hanging out.

The only downside is that I wasn't drinking water for most of the day so I ended up with a killer headache by time we got home. So my eveing was watching tv and slowly getting more water back into me.

So 28 ended wonderfully and today its off a great start for the last year of my 20s!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hills = Ass Kicker


Today's plan was 5 hills. Gulp.

I did the usual and sent the boys off to school. and started out towards the hill. I bring water with me for when I'm at the bottom of the hill and since I do my warm up run in the opposite direction of the hill in the Rec paths I usually drop my water off behind a small rock. I'm debating needing to get a sticky label and write something cute like

"Leave me be, My owner is coming back for me"

See how clever I am, even before I get my coffee. So far no one has taken my water and I'm assuming I don't really need the label, but for some reason I'm convinced one of these days I'm going to get to that little rock and find my water gone.


I got to the hill and ditched the gloves, jacket and water and set upwards. While going up that hill is tough and my legs hate me for putting them through it, nothing quite feels like the big ball of muscle my ass feels like on the way down. Its only for that first downhill and after that I don't notice it but man it literally feels like you could bounce a quarter off that thing.

I ran into (not literally) two people on my way up as they were walking down. The lady gave me a weird look. I'm not sure if it was because I was running up a long steep hill or for the fact that as I exhaled, the word "UP" kept coming out of my mouth. The guy with his two dogs I think was just trying to keep his dogs from getting too excited and from jumping on me. That was during the 4th hill and I'm sure it distracted me since about just over 3/4 of the way up I stopped. I just couldn't run up it anymore and wanted to go home. I did walk up the hill to my little pile of pine cones that marked my turnaround spot and I jogged back down. I did manage to convince myself to do that last one and a proper cool down.

Of course, now my nice warm cup of coffee feels extra special. I'm even tempted to ask Hubby if my ass feels stronger to him. I'm sure I'll get a weird look over the request but I'm very sure he'll oblige.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bug's Race

As you all know Bug ran the Kid's Fun run at Harry's Spring Run Off yesterday. They started at the 5k start and ran around the corner basically to the 8k start. It was 800 meters. Not a full kilometer but they wanted to use what they already had set up.

At the start

While running (I really commend those who do the whole running and take pictures thing, cause its hard.)

Crossing the finish line.

I had jumped up on the curb so I could get this shot and he had started to follow me I had to go back a bit to tell him to go under the arch.

My proud boy

They didn't time it and I forgot to set my watch so we're not sure how fast, but we do know it was lots of fun.

We saw that some kids around his age were doing the 5k with their parents and he asked if we could do that race next year. Espeically when he heard that the 5kers get medals. Looks like I got plans next spring.