Monday, September 20, 2010

Almost there!

I did the "long" run today instead of yesterday. Yesterday the boys had a party in the morning so I had planned to run in the afternoon. But then it was so nice out we decided to go for a family trek. The boys rode their bikes and we walked. It was lovely being out there with them.
We even got to see the start of fall.

And the next chance I had to get my 6k in was after dark so I figured I'd switch days and do it today. Of course I decided to try a totally new route out and of course the sucker was hilly. I managed to keep the pace somewhat steady I think so wohoo.

Over the weekend we went and got me some new running kicks.

Apparently mine are looking old and worn. I guess 600+ km will do that.

Today is also my mom's birthday So I have to send some extra Love her way!


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