Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Running Errands


I've never done that before. But there was stuff I needed to go get while the boys were in school this morning and I needed to get my run in since 5am this morning was not happening. So I got all in my running stuff and got the boys on the bus and got the garmin working and was off. Where I was going is a 10 min walk from my house, I managed to take a super loopy route and turned it into a 30-ish min run. So that was great. Errands and run, check!

What crazy is after I got home I looked at my paces

1st km - 6.09
2nd km - 6.26 (which is interesting since there was a big downhill on this part)
3rd km - 6.26
4th km - 6.13
5th km - 5:46

Say what! I try hard not to pay attention to my watch when I'm running. But I LOVE checking it out afterwards at home. See I was thinking it was windy and thats why I was huffing and puffing that last km, that I was getting tired cause I didn't sleep well and I had a coffee before I headed out and usually I don't do that ever.

I think between a couple small things like that last km this morning and how I started out at the Woman's Only 10k race with the -6:00 pace after my half I'm seriously working on speed. Hell I think I'll sign up for the Resolution Run and try to beat my PB (thats where I got it last year).


  1. Holy crap lady! You are getting speedy!! So nice to get your errands and run done at the same time!

  2. Holy that was fast, especially that last k!