Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Love Fall

So with 3 weeks till Scotia, todays long run was 18km. Instead of heading out early in the morning, I didn't get out till just before lunch. We had a friend over and I had a drink (or two-ish) so I decided to do the run later in the day so I could get some water into me, plus sleep in a bit. (Isn't it kind of sad when 8-8:30am is sleeping in?)

I got my stuff together and headed out. It was a wonderful 15 degrees out and NO HUMIDITY! I decided to not listen to any music till I needed either the motivation or something different to distract me. The route was 9km out and back. I didn't need any music till about 11k. Though I did find a great plan for the race. I do best when I take water every 2km just an oz or two at a time. Around 12k I tried to take a gel again. I could only get half of it down because the texture still makes me gag but I think that half of one helped keep me going without fading like I did when I did 16k with nothing.

I did the the whole thing without sweat dripping down my face. Without feeling like I was swimming. It was incredibly easy to be in a good mood the whole time. Have I mentioned I love Fall.


  1. As much as I'm disappointed that summer is winding down, it's things like the no/low-sweat runs that make me happy fall is coming!

  2. I can't believe you're at 18 km already! Congrats! You must be getting so excited.

  3. I love fall too. The cool weather is awesome, but don't forget about pumpkin flavored foods--they are the best!