Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why do you do this?

Why do you run?
What got you really started?

For me, it was Scotia last year. I'd like to say it was the Run for the Cure , but it wasn't. I mean that one gave me the proof that I could be a runner. But the Marathon I saw awoke something in me.I had already been doing the Learn to Run clinic that got me from not being able to run for a minute to my first 5k.

It was the first year the marathon would be coming through the Beaches. That Sunday morning after a group run we got back to the store from our route and were told that the leaders would be coming through within the next bit (less than 30 mins I think) and we should stay and watch. So I called Hubby up and told him I wanted to stay and watch a bit. Yeah whatever he was fine with that.


I saw them go by. The elites. I cheered, I clapped, I bounced up and down in excitement.I got teary-eyed. They didn't look tired. They looked like they just started and some were smiling. I stayed and watched the regular people go by. I was awed. I cheered and clapped till my hands were sore. I even saw Marlene go by. I saw all the spectators cheering.

Right then and there I wanted it. I wanted to run a marathon. I wasn't even at 5k at that point. But a marathon? I'm not there yet. In 10 days I'll be half way there.

The Hubby is thinking this time next year I could be tapering for the Full. I could be running that same route that awoke whatever got me into all this. I think hes crazy but really why else would we be doing this.

What drives you to get out there and pound the road?


  1. I got a little teary-eyed watching this! I love how even though they're all competing, they still support each other, like passing on the water bottle and the second guy supporting the winner, even though he didn't "win".

    The feeling of accomplishment and knowing I gave it all I have keeps me out there...there's no better feeling to me then when I cross that finish line!

  2. Wow. Watching that is amazing. I wouldn't say that is what inspires me the most though. Mostly because I know that will never be me.

    What inspires me is the "normal" people. The ones that just finished their first half marathon or even 5K. I look at the people that are a year ahead of me in running and think, "maybe I could be there one day".

    Yet, at the same time, I watched that video and thought "wow, just to be a little part of that..."

  3. Great post! I remember that day sooo clearly.

    In Sep '07 I ran the Scotia Half (my first); in Sep '08 I ran the Scotia Full (my first). Just saying. ;)