Friday, September 10, 2010

Cheers and Tears

Well one downfall of the cooler weather is that its harder to get out of bed in the early hours to get my runs in. Not helping either is the youngest. Hes been up around 4:30am for the past two days and he much prefers mommy to hang out with rather than daddy.

I did manage to get my run in yesterday after the hubby got home from work. Yeah I still prefer morning running since I kept feeling so tired and blah. I definitely needed my music to keep me going. The plan was 8 which I did to but it took lots of debating. At one point I was thinking of just 5 then maybe just 6, no no 8, but I'm tired and my legs are sore so 6, and it was like that till I hit the 3k mark where I'd turn around if it was just 6 but I kept going so I got the full planned 8.

No, run today, but come Monday my runs will be able to happen after I get the kids on the bus. Thats right the second one started school today.

Think hes a bit excited?

(Yeah I tried to trim their hair using the buzz buzz and I screwed up so yeah...... Good thing hair grows quickly and they don't do school pics for about 2 more months.)

I totally had to keep the tears in check while they were getting on the bus but once it started pulling away I couldn't help it. You would think I didn't have him in preschool last year at all for 3 mornings a week.


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