Sunday, September 12, 2010

Farthest Yet!

My legs are numb. Ice baths totally do that to ya.

Earlier today I did 20km. The farthest I go in training for Scotia. In 13 days according to the countdown on their website I'll go a bit further. I'm excited and nervous. The nerves are mostly because I had a rough run today. Around 13k I started boinking. It was hard since it felt more physical than mental and I keep having to give myself pep talks.

You've run further than this.
You can do it.
Theres coffee and lunch waiting for you at home.
I know its feeling sore. But we're almost 3/4 of the way there.
18k was a piece of cake.
You got it.
Just don't stop.

Of course there was lots of stopping. I think one of my main issues was that I can't stand gels, shot, those jelly beans, etc... They all make me want to gag and throw up, and thats never a good idea. I usually take water and gatorade out with me on long runs and alternate drinking them. Think a small handful of skittles or something like that would help?

Once I did hit 18k I did start to feel better. I was sooo close to being done. 19k was glorious and I was smiling again. Just that little bit more. Of course the full weight of how tired my body was feeling didn't come till I stopped running. I'm surprised I managed to walk the bit of a way home and not fall over.

I love my husband, I came home to my coffee starting and lunch being prepared. He even kept the boys away while I swore my way into the ice bath. Maybe I can have a Large Mocha waiting for me after the finish line?. That would be love.


  1. Nice job on the last "long" run! I think skittles would work - wine gums, maybe too? Mmmm, wine gums... :)