Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three Things Thrusday

Yeah I know I'm totally not consistent with these things.

1. I have a bib # for the Scotia Half. I'm #7684. It definitely sounds like a crossing the finish line with a huge smile kind of number. That's really my only goal for Sunday. Well that and beer afterwards.

2. Spending basically two days at the hospital isn't the greatest for eating well. Especially when their cafeteria closes at 2pm. Blah. Today after getting the boys off to school, I hit the market and got lots of healthy yummy stuffs.

3. Next year at the end of August the hubby and I will be portaging in Algonquin Park! Its one of the things on his bucket list and since he'll be turning 30 next year I figured that would a great idea. Thankfully he agrees and is super thrilled about it.


  1. I am a canoe/hiking/treking junkie. If you need any advice planning your first trip, ask away!

    3 days!!