Friday, October 29, 2010

Just like waiting for a race to start

You know that feeling when you first wake up the morning of a race? Maybe it starts the night before but that "Woah, something big is going to happen" feeling?

That's what this morning felt like. I had things set up the night before. Bug's snack for school, his halloween costume in a bag for the sitter to put on him. Trouble's spare outfit, the cards and paperwork we needed to bring.

We got up with the alarm. Both Hubby and I wide awake much earlier than we normally get up at. First we got Bug up and ready for the sitter's (shes across the street) and then we got Trouble up and out the door to the hospital (The doctor's with a H mommy). Got through registration quickly and up to the Ped's floor. Got him checked in and in his little hospital gown. We had to be there an hour and a half before the scheduled start time and that was 8 so by 7am Trouble was hanging out in the playroom with the other kids waiting to head down to the surgical floor. While we were waiting I mentioned to Hubby that it felt like waiting for a race to start. I'm all nerves till I hit that start line and let things fall where ever they go. I just couldn't see that damn start line.

by 8:15 the Doctor came and collected Trouble who I found out afterwards had no issues doing anything asked and was apparently full of "what's that?"s. We went off to the waiting room and Ahhhh there was my start line. I was fairly confident I would cry after I sent him off but nope. It was sad and scary but no tears. It was time to just go and let all the prep work and doctor's do their thing. I know while we were waiting I kept reading the same two paragraphs over and over again in the book I was reading and that sucked.

I couldn't even tell you what time it was when they said he was in recovery and that one of us could go see him. I was just up and didn't even give Hubs the chance. and Trouble was PISSED. He was pissed with the IV in his hand. He was confused and didn't like that at all. He was the loudest one in the recovery room so even though there was some kids who got to recovery before us we got sent up the after care room first mostly to get the noise out of there. It did take a while for him to calm down and that was hard having your 3 year old cuddle for like 20 seconds then fling themselves away from you and fight any help. Bah. But eventually he calmed down. It even took a while to convince him that you had to drink some juice or have a popsicle before we could take the IV out and go home. But he got that one too. I think his favourite part was at discharge he got a bag of Halloween candy and a new toothbrush. We were home by 10:30-ish. By noon he was fully back to normal and you'd have no clue unless we told you that he had minor surgery under general that morning.

He even joined his brother for the Kindergym and Art class they take on Friday afternoons.

I told him we have to go back in two weeks for a follow up to make sure the stitches all dissolved and to get the test results. He asked if he gets more candy. yeah he's fine.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Things Thrusdays

1. I have the best kids. Yesterday the drilling from the work being done behind our house was insanly loud. Bug suggested we go to the mall. "We want to play in the play center while you go shopping or something mommy". Yeap, like I need a 5 year old to encourage me to go shopping kid free. Each child is $5/hr at this place and even though I ddin't buy anything for me, that was a well spent $10.

2. Suddenly the idea of doing a Marathon next fall scares the crap outta me. Have you seen the training plans they have out there? The full out effort involved?? I'm sure you have since a good chunk of you have done a Marathon. Yeah I'm gonna wait till the New Year to even think about it anymore. Bah.

3.Can someone explain why the little halloween chocolate bars are soooo much better than the full size ones? I'm going to go with the variety it gives. And the fact that I have kids means there will be no shortage of the stuff after Sunday. Anyone want to lend me some extra willpower?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Which came first?

So I had a great run pace wise. I had an average pace of 5:59/km for 6km.

I also had what would qualify as a nightmare last night. I dreamt that after the surgery on Friday we got a call. They are going to biopsy the growth they are going to remove because it developed quickly and need to make sure its nothing serious. Ok. No one thinks its anything serious and we've talked to 3 different doctors so we're ok with. But apparently my sub conscience isn't. That phone call in my dream was them telling us that Trouble has cancer. Yeah cause that's a dream you want to have. Hubby says that the nerves are from the dream. I'm thinking the dream is a result of the nerves. You can control thoughts and such way better in the day when you're in control, at night not so much.

So I headed out this morning with the hope of keeping myself from injuring myself and I did that but man. I'm tired! 6km doesn't normally take this much out of me. I'll be honestly and mention that there was a couple(3) stops in there because I was generally doing a 5:30 pace but needed to catch my breathe since it was getting all over the place.

Is it Friday afternoon yet?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Back out there

and it was rough.
I figured it would be but man! I was keeping it around my normal pace which was a struggle in and of itself with the way my thoughts were going, and it felt like I could walk faster. In all honestly I know I wasn't going that slowly.

But I did it, I got back out there when it would have been sooooo much easier to have a cup of coffee, or do my errands, hit the bookstore (btw, I need a new one, any book recommendations?)

Today's weather was wonderful so that helped, although I was wearing my pants rather than my capris and wished I was in the latter so I was warm and I knew I didn't drink enough water over the weekend and that I wasn't hydrated enough.


Back on the bandwagon, back to behaving and getting out there. I'm even thinking of joining the half marathon clinic thats starting next week. I need goals.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still here

Not really running.

Trouble is having his surgery next week. I'm a basket of nerves about it. Its a minor in and out surgery but of course its still surgery. It doesn't help that when we went for a pre-op meeting with the anesthesiologist no one on the Ped's floor knew why we were there since they do the pre-op clinic on a different day and we weren't on the list for that. Plus he as apparently booked for the adult pre-op so we got sent back and forth and I was almost ready to cry since people kept expecting me to know what was going on. Bahh!

But they gave us the clinic thing 45 minutes later anyways. But we weren't there for that and had to go back the next day for the orginal meeting anyways. There was 5 kids including Trouble waiting to be seen and no one came for over 2 hours. Thankfully Hubby took him that time, cause I would have lost it. This was for kids that had other medical issues that they want to be careful about during surgery like Trouble's VSD (hole in his heart in layman terms) .

Next up is the pre-op check up with his regular Ped on Friday. So that will be the easy one. I tried running, but I'm going way to fast. I usually do around a 6 minute per km pace and I keep doing around a 5 minute pace. I couldn't even do 1km at that pace and I was worried about injurying myself so I'm allowing myself to take it easy and just do other things to focus my mind on. So the main floor of my house is really clean. Plus today since it was nice out the little boys and I went to the Zoo. If anyone knows about the BIG hill for the Canadian Domain, thats a workout in and of itself. We always go down there to see the land bison, its like a rule in our house.

Just another week and things go back to normal and calm down. whew.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

He's caught the Bug!

This morning we carbed up with some yummy pancakes. I couldn't say no to Bug with his excitment about his big race. We headed up to Richmond Hill and it was insanly easy to find the park. Got the Hubby's and Bug's bibs and got ready.

Showing off their numbers

Then they were off!

It wasn't long before they were back.

A mere 7 minutes and 11 seconds later.
PPSSSSttt, Don't you love his watch? That was his insistance since hes going to be a racer like mommy.

A proud boy.

Of course I was asked on the walk back to the car.... "Mom when its nice again after the winter, I get to do this again right?"

Yeap, my Bug has been bitten.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Since I'm a Dork like that

Check out what I made Bug for tomorrow for after he does Run 4 Rett

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Three Things Thrusdays

1. The Bug (the older one) is now a beaver. Last night he got his scarf and woggle. Next weeke he'll get his tail.

and now his little brother is dying to join as well.

2.While I definitely plan on keep up the distance and getting a kick ass high distance base going I'm planning on getting more fit and being more healthy over these cooler months. I'll be perfectly honestly in that I eat a lot of junk and I need to work on cutting that way way back and getting more exercises in. I would love to be in a bikini next summer minus the muffin top and little mom belly..


Oh yeah I signed up for Toronto Women's Half that'll be next May.

Added bonus, its practically in my backyard. I run that area all the freaking time so I know it well and can kick ass along that route. Plus it can guaratee a good support group there since part of the route is 2 mins from my house. I did the 10k this past August.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I hope everyone had a great weekend.

We survived camping. It was a really great time. One of Hubby's uncles owns 140 acres outside Huntsville and a huge group of us go up there each year. There was roughly 40 of us this year. The nights were cold but ok except Saturday night it got below 0 and there was frost covering everything in the morning. Brrrr. Just means lots of layers and lots of coffee.

I didn't get any running in though. One of the Hubby's cousin's kids decided that this year he would do a solo and camp away from the group. He was being checking on regularly but the second night there he had gotten lost. He was found and other than being very cold was fine. But after that no one was really allowed to go off on their own and no one else wanted to go out for a run. But thats fine. Before dinner on Sunday a group of us went for a hike and I wish I had worn my watch for that. We didn't go to far but just to see the elvation would have been amazing.

I did talk to another of Hubby's cousins and I am definitely doing Around the Bay in March. I also got a run in yesterday and it felt good. The rec trail I take a lot is looking so amazing with the leaves and the colour. I LOVE the sound of leaves crunching under foot.

I would have gone out again today but I've been on the Halloween costume hunt. The little one is going to be Appa, the flying bison from The Last Airbender and I knew I have to make that one. The oldest was going to be Superman like he was last year so its easy there but now he wants to Aang from The Last Airbender and of course my kids pick impossible to find costumes so I have to make his as well. Unless I can find super fast shipping from somewhere....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Get Ready

Finally got a run in this morning. Monday the stomach was not letting me get to far from a bathroom and then it was raining Tuesday. Now if I was training for something then sure I'd be out in it but since it wasn't making up its mind whether it was going to drizzle or rain hard, I made up my mind to hang out at home. The weather was again awesome out. I think I'm going to be really sad when its time to wear pants for running. Though the only bad part about todays run was that since it rained ALL DAY yesterday the ground was wet and muddy and so twice(since I don't learn my lessons the first time) when I went around people walking their dogs and had to go on the grass to do so I landed in mud and it went through my socks.

I think I'm going to be crazy and bring my runnning stuff camping. The weather is supposed to be in the high teens and sunny and Come On! Out there in the back roads and maybe trails with the trees changing colours and nature still alive, like I'm going to let that go and not get out there.

This weekend is also Running Diva Mom's Virtual 10k Race I'm going to get it in on Friday before we head out since I don't know any routes up where we're camping. Its just safer that way.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


So September was a good (ok Great) month.
I ROCKED the half marathon. In doing so I also got my highest distance month. 136 km or 84 miles. Its funny because other than my long runs on Sundays I didn't really go that far. Just goes to show you what a lot of shorter trips can do.
While I was getting my run in yesterday I was just in my t-shirt and capris and I was getting such funny looks from some of the people walking their dogs. They of course were all bundled up with pants, coats and for some hats. Bet all the older ones thought I was going to die of a cold.

Hubby is signed up to be a Leader with the oldest's beaver scout group. Hes so excited, more so than the 5 year old and that kid is thrilled about being in Beaver training as he calls it.

Fall is offically here weather wise. I'm dying to go pick apples and our pumpkins for this year. I want to bake endlessly. Though it funny that I never eat half the stuff I make. I'll have a bite or two to make sure its good but no real desire to eat it, just make it. Hubby's co-workers love that about me. I always send the extras to work with him.