Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Women Only 10k Race Report

August 28th 2010

This race had the whole family coming to it, just so we could continue on to Windsor afterwards. The night before we got all packed up and in the morning after eating some breakfast and loading up the car we got the boys up and put them in the car still in their PJs. Once we got there parking was crazy due to the fact that there was supposed to be over 500 runners. Tom let me out before he found parking since I was supposed to meet up with some friends before things started.

I went off to the bathrooms and ran into some friends and we talked till we figured it was time to get in place. It was chilly out prior to the 8am start, but I like it that way. Once the countdown finished we were off. I wasn't planning for a PB and decided to just enjoy the run. When we hit the 1km mark I looked at my watch and was amazed to see that I was running a 5:25 pace! Way faster than the 6:15-ish I usually run. I figured I should watch it and slow down a bit and around the 2k mark where we came across the firefighter water station I did slow it down to a 5:37 pace. I was rather amazed that I was breathing ok and not killing myself. At this point I was thinking ok I'll keep it up and see what happens. If I do well I'll prove that I can go faster than I thought and if not I'll know that this pace is too much for me.

I slowed it down a bit due to some hills and the bridge. I run on this bridge almost every weekend and this time it freaked me out since with all the runners on it it was literally bouncing and I had to walk a bit on it.

I continued towards the turnaround. The sun was getting hot now and I slowed down to an almost 6:00 pace. Around 3.5k the leaders were already on their way back. I let out a couple Woo-hoos! And decided to let that motavate me to keep it up and not let the pace get much slower. The turn around was tight and I was only a minute off my 5k PB. On the way back to the finish line I was making plans to work on my speed after this half marathon I have coming up. If I could get so close to my PB for 5k then it is something I definitely can work on beating.

Around 7k I started to feel the heat from the sun and even some of the fast start and was starting to burn out. I had breakfast at this point almost 3 hours before and I should have had some fruit while on the ride over. I had to take an extra walk break in between the 6 and 8k water stations. I don't even really remember what the firefighters looked like from the water station except that I got water from a guy with a mustache.

Around 9k I needed to walk again since I was burning out big time and just wanted to be done. Once we got to that final corner and the volunteer there said that the finish line was just up ahead I was thrilled. I pushed it a bit and got ready to find my men. They were there before the finish line and I waved at them, though it took the youngest a bit to see which one was mommy. If the oldest was in runners and not sandals I would have definitely had him come finish with me. As soon as I passed them I kicked it into high gear with everything I had left. I was not letting the clock hit the 1 hour mark.

Gun time: 59:18:1
Chip time: 59:13:8
Overall Pace: 5:56
Age Group(20-29): 44/102
Gender Place: 136/331 (there was 1 guy running this race)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Again

Home Again
Jiggity jig.

Well it was a wonderful weekend. I'm going to be writing and putting up my race report later on today. My Father In-Law's birthday party was great fun. Everyone had a great time and the food was soo yummy. I couldv'e eaten non stop all night, but thankfully they took the food back inside at a point.

Sunday was a great day with a visit up to the In-Law's trailer and we took the kids swimming. I so want a cottage or a trailer to go to during the summer. Someone get my hubby to win the lottery. I'll invite everyone up for BBQ to celebrate. LOL.

But while I was gone I was given this award

from Mel at Tall Mom on the Run
and there are rules.

1. Answer the question: If you had one chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

I would have been a lot more smarter about money in college and for that while afterwards. I truely feel like we could have been in a better position had I been more careful.

2. Pick 6 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have been selected for the award.

1.Running from the Law
2.Deb Shrinks
3.Making of Runner
4.foward Foot Strides
5.Foodie at the Finish Line
6.Endurance isn't Only Physical

3. You have to thank the person (people) who gave you the award.

and Thank you Mel! You are such a inspiration with that jogging stroller of yours pushing up those hills.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ready, Set,....

Got a run in this morning. There was an amazing chill to the air. Its really lovely to not be sweating just from moving and being outside but actually doing something big. I ended up cutting my run a couple km short. It was supposed to be 8 but I did 5 since just under 4 I came across 3 late teens/ early twenty-somethings smoking pot at 5:30am!!!! WTF. They didn't say or do anything but it gave me a the creeps so I headed home since I didn't want to be paranoid the whole rest of the run.

But the suitcase is packed (its only a one nighter so its not a lot) since we're leaving for my In-Laws about 4-5 hours south of us for FIL's B-day party literally right after the race and I change into non sweaty clothes. Race gear is all set out and I just have to make sure snacks are ready for the little men.

I'll post my Race report and all the fun stuff when I get back Monday.

Have a great weekend Y'all (can I say that since I'm not southern, I doubt Southern Ontario counts. LOL)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Off the top of my head.

Raising kids and running don't always go hand in hand. I mean sure the big one wants to run too and can do 1km. But the little one...yeah no. He has a rough night, like last night and therefore I have a rough night and I'm surprised I was able to function at all this morning. Of course that means the planned run for this morning got cancelled. Sure it could have just be moved to tonight but its was farmer's market Thursday and that means lots of fruits and veggies and lots of park. The market we go to in the warmer months is at a local park so you can go let your kids play for hours either at the playground part and/or the wading pool, pick up your food stuff and then head home. This always means bathtime and other fun stuff so I know Thrusday nights are not a good night to run. My fingers are crossed for decent night tonight. That was I can get some time in tomorrow morning.

Today marks 1 month till my first half! I'm excited and nervous. I know I'll do fine but I figure a new outfit for a confidence boost will be a good thing so thats one of my plans over this next while. I gotta look good for those pictures right?

This weekend is going to be a busy one. Saturday morning we're getting up and all hopping into the car to head over to my next race. The Toronto Women's only 10k. Literally half an hour or so afte I finish we're hopping back into the car to drive 4-5 hours south to my In-Laws for my Father In Law's 60th birthday party. and we'll spend the night there and have fun seeing everyone. (its hard to get all 4 siblings together, we need functions like this to do so) So I'll do my race report when we come back.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

MCM Mama virtual race report

A couple weeks ago I signed up for a virtual race hosted by MCM Mama in honour of her 40th birthday. There was 3 distances to choose from 4 miles, 8.25 miles (in honour of the day) or 40km. I decided on the middle distance of 8.25 miles since I had a planned run already this weekend of 13k (8 miles).

The morning started off ok. Till I looked outside around 6:30am and saw that it was raining lightly. Well I figured I should head out anyways. My In-Laws are visiting this weekend and I wanted to get my run in early so I wouldn't really be taking time away from their visit.

Making sure I had my hat I took off around 7am. The light rain felt nice since it keep me cool so the first couple of km went by easily. I did get a couple weird looks from some people walking all done up with their coats and umbrellas. I was doing a good comfortable pace that was quite helped by the first big hill that was thankfully a downhill so it definitely helped me there. It was still raining and when I got along Queen St I decided to do some window shopping to distract myself from the wet. Usually when I run down there I see a bunch of runners but today there was no others out.

But the real fun started when I turned onto Greenwood. It apparently was downpour on that street but
of course not till I was on it for a bit. And the best part was that the sidewalks were completely flooded. I had made it about halfway through my route and then the soakers came. The roads weren't any better unless I wanted run in the middle of the road which since there was cars on there wasn't the best idea. I had to run in the grass for a bit to avoid getting more water all over me. Of course my outfit was soaked and my hat was dripping water for the rest of the run.

Other than the rain the only other issue was that I since I was getting so wet and carrying extra weight from that was that I was running faster to get out of the rain but I was tiring myself out and I needed extra walk breaks so I could finish the route. Of course in the last 3k the rain went back to a light rain and I was still dripping water. I even managed to get a side stitch and had to stretch that out before I could continue on but I got there.

I don't think I ever was happier to see my house at the end of a run.

13.35k (8.30 miles) done in 1:28:20

Friday, August 20, 2010

Around we go

Got out again this morning. My ears must be super sensitive since I was sleeping with the little guy and when I woke up had no clue what time it was (note to self: plug back in their clock)so I went back to my bed only to find it was time to get up. Thankfully the hubby poked at me with his feet till I got up.

After getting ready it was wonderful to not only feel but breathe in the crisp air. It was a wonderful 14C out(that would be 57F for the US folk).

I usually do a loop run. I leave my house in one direction, come back from another. This morning was no different but during my run I realize that its still a pretty big decision on which way I decide to go. For example. Direction A would be mean a faster time since while there was hills there was more down hills than uphills. Direction B would obviously be more up hills than down but that bit more of a workout. It was tempting to take A but what the heck B it was. The only real downside the was bathroom issue with 2k to go. Of course that last 2k was all residential and had I taken A there would have been a coffee shop or grocery store I could have stopped in. But hey what better time to work on speed work so to speak.

Of course nothing beats (after hitting the bathroom and getting out of the sweaty clothes) a 3 year old telling you that "you need to go back to bed mommy, I wasn't done cuddling." Yeah the coffee can wait a bit more.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Opening the Window.

I gave myself the rest of Sunday and pretty much a good chunk of Monday to sulk about the abandoned long run. I ate junk food and I was lazy. I ignored the training calendar posted next to the desk, and I ignored the Scotia 1/2 route I put on the fridge. But Monday night I was done sulking whether I wanted to stop or not. It was time to move on and keep running. That walls will only stay up if you let them.

Yesterday morning (that would be Tuesday) I set my alarm for 5am to get a run in. It went off.

"I should get up and try to run"
"I don't want to get up"
"I'm not"

then I shut it off and went back to sleep.

Last night I set it again.
This morning (that would be Wednesday) it went off again.
and I got up.
I figured I needed to give it a shot and go out. I have 6 weeks till my first half and its important to me that barring any injury I complete it.

I went out and I wore my watch, but didn't really play attention to it. I just wanted to be able to look at the info after. It was a good run. I ran well and didn't encounter any wild life. I thought at one point not to far from home that I was at 5k and was only at 4k so I figured I'd add that last one on since I had a bit of energy still going.

Of course the best part of that run was that after I came home, I made lunch for the husband, finished a water bottle, ate a banana. Then I went upstairs changed back in to my PJs and crawled into bed. Kicked the husband out so he could go to work and slept for another hour and a bit till the kids woke up.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I think I've hit a wall.

Excuse me while I try to find a door or window.


Friday, August 13, 2010


Well this has been a fun week. hahahahaha. Yeah no. Not really.

I mean the Michael Buble concert rocked. It was amazing and I would definitely go see him again any chance I could get.

Otherwise. I have no desire to eat well, to make sure I get my water into me. I mean I am eating somewhat decently and I am drinking more water than juice and coffee and no pop so thats good. Right?

I'm in a funk this week. I've decided that I'm not doing tempos anymore earlier and I think I'm going to give up the planned hill repeats, well adding more hills to it anyways. I think 5 hills is enought. Training is taking the fun out of running. I hve no issue getting out there for my steady runs or my long run but the hills and tempo keep getting put off or ignored completely at the moment. I'm just going to run. If I go fast great. If I do hills during runs then awesome. I want to go into my first half being happy about the effort its taken me to get there. Not thinking thank gawd I'm done with the serious training.

So anyone have an island I can run away too? I'll bring the books and treats and the pop music filled Ipod.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This morning's tempo run didn't go quite as planned, Apparently grapes are not the best thing to have with toast for breakfast. That was the only new thing in my breakfast. By time I hit the 3k mark I was ready to throw up so I had to abandon the tempo part and just trying a steady run so it wouldn't take to long to get back home this morning. Ended up with more walking breaks than I should have to for a 5k but I made it home, breakfast still in me.

It was weird outside this morning since there was a fog/mist thing all over. At one point I was running across the street from a sports area and the baseball fields. Theres a path that separates the baseball diamonds from the playground and skate park. I couldn't even see it, and all I could think was that if I was running in there no one would see me and it was a tempting thought to pop in there for a bit.

But today's big news is that this mornings 5k put me at 504km of running so far this year. I wonder how much farther I can get this year.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Good and Icy.

Well I got my long run of 16k(10 miles for the US folk) in this morning. About 2k in I started to feel some drizzle, but hoped that it wouldn't amount to much till after my run. Yeah.... at about 5k it started to pour. It only poured for about 3k I figure since I'm not exactly sure when it stopped and went back to a drizzle since I was drenched.

I took a new route that basically took me up to where my next race is happening. Its weird now being at distances that really take me out to new places and allow me to stay on the trails/bike paths rather than having to be on sidewalks.

I was a bit worried about this run since for the past all my long runs have been with at least one other person so I had someone to keep me going and push me. Today's run, I was all by myself. I just made sure my Ipod was stocked with some good music. I had to take a quick walk break every km from 13 on since the nice break from humidity we had the past two days was leaving and I could the stickiness starting up again. But I got it all done. I'm thinking I might need something other than just water on my long runs too. Since the next while has me adding to my distances and going out further, I'm getting tired in the last 1/3 of the run.

Afterwards I decided to try something new for recovery and took my first ice bath. OMG that sucker was cold. Like Lake Ontario cold. Thankfully the kids were no where near the bathroom so they didn't hear me swear as I was getting in. Though my legs do feel better from it, and aren't too sore to move.

Oh and two days to the Micheal Buble concert!!!!!!
My mom is coming to watch the little men (Best Nana EVER!)

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Yesterday the humidity was gone!
Sadly I was up from about 2-4am with the little guy who decided he was hungry and needed to watch Thomas the train. So when my alarm went off at 5 for my run I just shut it off and rolled over. I was kicking myself when I realized what it was like out there but since I missed my hill run this week I figured I could just go do that after hubby got home instead of just a 6k run in the early morning.

But in the meantime it was good, The boys and I went to the Zoo in the afternoon and went and saw their favourite animals. Didn't even need a stroller thanks to the Zoomobile. Hubby was even nice enough to come and pick us up on his way home from work so we didn't have to transit it back during rush hour. Love him!

After we were home, I had about half a Clif bar to give me that bit of extra energy, got dressed and out the door. The hills I like to run are about 3km away so its a good warm up there. Another reason I love these hills is because its 4 of them right next to each other and none of them are the same. The second one is my least favourite and last night it was the only one I had to convince myself to not stop on. Its straight up. The others have either a quick rise and more flat at the top or a curve to make it more gradual or it flattens out a touch in the middle for a road. Nope this one is just up. But I didn't stop and afterwards felt good for doing 5 hill repeats. I even enjoyed myself a nice Sapporo (beer) afterwards when I got home.

No running today, Long Run tomorrow of 16k I think. Today we're going to go lick some asphalt. Ok not really. Its a Greek food fest thing called Taste of the Danforth where they shut down a good chunk of the main road so we can eat meat on a stick, meat in a pita, and have some yummy sticky treats. Its the one time of year I wish I was Greek. One of these years we're going to have to ditch the kids and do the party aspect of it at night. But they love it too.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot morning in the Summertime

I started running in the mornings mostly to hide somewhat from the heat of summer. So up I get at 5am and out the door I go. Today was a short run, I'm supposed to do hills but my legs keeps cramping up every so often so I decided to just to do a nice and easy run in the neighbourhood so I could pop back home if I had to.
But my Gawd. It was 30 degrees (with the humidex) out there at 5:15 when I walked out the door! (That's 86 for those down south). I swear the hot weather is following me to the early hours. I might need to start heading out Marlene early to avoid the heat.

The Bug how rides a two wheeler. We tried it out over the long weekend and he does well when hes not around other people. They make him nervous. But we did get him some bike gloves. He wanted them last time we went to the bike store to get Trouble's bike helmet, and we had told him when he rides a two wheeler we'll get them and of course after his first ride it was the first thing he mentioned, "I need my bike gloves like daddy". I think our family has another athlete on the go.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Runniversary

Today marks a year since I started my first Learn to Run clinic with the Running Room. Our instructor Rob was great and always up for some good conversation and motiviation. We started out with 2 minutes of walking and 1 minute of running. It was so hard and I was so exhausted after that 1 minute of running. The goal at the end of the clinic was to run a 5k and it seemed impossible almost. I've made a couple running friends from the clinics (I've taken the LTR, 5k and 10k)and still run with some of them regularly.

I'll be honest in that there is a lot of things I try and they don't last long. I was actually suprised at myself for never stopping at this. Just kept putting one foot in front of the other and went. I'm a perfectly average middle of the pack runner and I'm perfectly fine with that because I still get out there. New Personal Bests would be awesome but thats not why I run.

Over this past year I've run for:
My Sanity
the Freedom
the Achviement
to Inspire
for Me

among other reasons.

Today, I went out with my buddy Steve. Yes hes one of the friends from the LTR. We did 12k together and I added on 2 more since he was done and tired. So I got 14k today. We did it with doing 10 and 1s and it was a beautiful moring. The sun was out but there was a slight breeze. The route had plenty of shady spots thanks to the wonderful trees on the bike/trail path. The conversation was enough that neither of us felt like giving up and at times we didn't even notice the distance adding up. I'm 8 weeks away from my first half. I'm starting to up the distance every week with the long runs and its exciting pushing myself to go that bit more each week.

Now off to go celebrate today with some homemade lemonade and peach cobbler. Yum.