Thursday, September 30, 2010

Now what?

As of now my racing schedule is free and clear. I'm debating what to line up for next. I was thinking Resolution Run since thats where I got my 5k PB but we'll be out of town. Around the Bay looks awesome and fun. One of the Hubby's cousins did it last year. I'll ask them when we met up for Thanksgiving camping next weekend about it. Did the Santa Shuffle last year and didn't like it much. A friend did the Tannenbaum 10k last year and liked it. Plus its local and for a charity. My main plan to keep the distance up. Keep my strong base. I find I do better with goals(races) to keep me on track. No goals mean I'll let other stuff come ahead of my running and I don't want to lose the recent hard work.

Camping? for Thanksgiving? Yeap you heard right. The Hubby's extended family goes up north a bit to the Huntsville area where one of his uncles has I think 50 acres and a group of around 20 or 30 go up and rough it out in tents for the long weekend. There is literally nothing up there but land and you have to bring everything up. But its really lots of fun. This year, the littlest guy will be ready to do the hike Sunday afternoon. The hike ususally starts around nap time so the littlest ones and mommys stayed behind, so it'll be more fun for me this year to say the least.

I did manage a little over 5k yesterday and it felt great to be out there. My watch died so I'm not sure of the time but I do know I was pushing it more than I should have. My legs were really sore all evening but I'm also sure the fact that I haven't been drinking much water and my eating hasn't been the best since Sunday. So I'm taking today off. Might try again tomorrow, well more than likely, unless the weather's crappy.


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