Thursday, September 30, 2010

Now what?

As of now my racing schedule is free and clear. I'm debating what to line up for next. I was thinking Resolution Run since thats where I got my 5k PB but we'll be out of town. Around the Bay looks awesome and fun. One of the Hubby's cousins did it last year. I'll ask them when we met up for Thanksgiving camping next weekend about it. Did the Santa Shuffle last year and didn't like it much. A friend did the Tannenbaum 10k last year and liked it. Plus its local and for a charity. My main plan to keep the distance up. Keep my strong base. I find I do better with goals(races) to keep me on track. No goals mean I'll let other stuff come ahead of my running and I don't want to lose the recent hard work.

Camping? for Thanksgiving? Yeap you heard right. The Hubby's extended family goes up north a bit to the Huntsville area where one of his uncles has I think 50 acres and a group of around 20 or 30 go up and rough it out in tents for the long weekend. There is literally nothing up there but land and you have to bring everything up. But its really lots of fun. This year, the littlest guy will be ready to do the hike Sunday afternoon. The hike ususally starts around nap time so the littlest ones and mommys stayed behind, so it'll be more fun for me this year to say the least.

I did manage a little over 5k yesterday and it felt great to be out there. My watch died so I'm not sure of the time but I do know I was pushing it more than I should have. My legs were really sore all evening but I'm also sure the fact that I haven't been drinking much water and my eating hasn't been the best since Sunday. So I'm taking today off. Might try again tomorrow, well more than likely, unless the weather's crappy.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Scotiabank Waterfront Half-Marathon

You might want to grab food or coffee or something. Just warning ya.

Sept 26 2010

Gun Time: 2:21:00
Chip Time: 2:12:49
Gender: 2334/4402
Age: 521/884 (W25-29)

I had a rough night; I kept waking up, not from thinking I slept in just from the OMG of it all. At 4:45am my alarm went off and up I got. I quickly posted about being up early on Facebook and attempted to eat some breakfast but a couple bites in I had to give up. Thankfully I had packed a couple bars to try on the way there. I got out the door and walked to the streetcar stop. I wasn’t dressed quite warm enough so I felt the chill of 5:30am. I read a book and got a couple bites of food in me on the way downtown. I followed the crowd of other crazy people and got to the hotel that was doing baggage check and was happy that I could hang out there instead of outside for a while. While in line for the bathroom I started talking to some other ladies and one of them was from Nova Scotia, she came here just for the race(came the day before, leaving the day after, wow).

At 7:00am I headed to the corrals, and thankfully I did since it was crazy packed out there. I a spot I guess in the middle of the green corral. I was next to the 2:15 continuous pace bunny and just wanted to at least keep in my sights, since that would mean the 2:30 bunny would be behind me. I listened to the buzz around me and just kept thinking “OMG I’m doing this!” We didn’t hear the national anthem at all but we heard the buzzers go off and I remember being a little sad I couldn’t watch the elites go. But then we got to move up. Most people started running but then of course congestion had us walking and running repeatedly till we got the official start.

I started my watch at the first mat and off we went. I kept at it slowly and decided to not weave through people and just take it easy until the crowding eased up.
I did my best to stay consistent and decided to keep a couple people in my sights since I lost the pace bunnies before the start line. I went without music for the first 3km, just enjoying the feeling of energy from the other runners and the spectators; I loved reading signs people had. I completely abandoned my plans of drinking water/Gatorade every 2km when I hit the first water station at 3km. I remember seeing the line up for the porta-potties and being thankful I wasn’t there. Suddenly we were at 5k and all I could think was that I was ¼ of the way done!

I don’t remember to many details for most of it, except for seeing a bunch of water bottles on the ground and thinking that sucks. That the 2:15 pace bunny group that was doing 10 and 1s could move over since half of them were on the other side of the pylons and there was tons of room on the road. There were lots of times that I remember thinking I should slow down a bit and not kill myself, but I was back and forth with that constantly. I found the original pace bunny and ran with him for a while or did the 10 and 1s if I was near the other bunny. I was really all over during the race but it worked well for me apparently. At 10k I was so happy that I was feeling ok still and that the turnaround was coming up soon. At 12k I pulled out my secret weapon, gummy bears! I had about 5 of them while running which was easy and so much better than those gels (shudder).

Just after the turnaround I saw Tom’s cousin’s wife and waved to her. Someone had a shit load of Fiber 1 bars and they littered the ground, I stepped on a couple and that felt weird. A bunch of the signs and the cheering sections had me teary eyed and almost crying a bunch of times. I had to think about anything BUT the race. If I thought at all about what I was doing I was going to breakdown in tears. 15k was only 6 more to go and I couldn’t believe I was still feeling great. My legs were feeling it a bit but really only at the water stations since I cannot drink and run out of those cups at all. More awesome signs near the end “That’s not sweat, its your fat cells crying.” “Your legs will forgive you eventually”. But even the “Go Daddy Go” sign I saw almost had me crying again. The turn up Bay towards the start there was a guy running behind me (who I thought was a pace bunny keeping the people going) shouting things like we’re close! Kick it up! Everything you got!

The 800m to go sign saw me picking it up a bit. That’s when it started feeling like there was something on my chest.

500m to go had me fighting back tears and I kept pushing. I was trying to look for Tom but had no clue where he was.

From there, there was signs marking every 100m and I wanted to just stop but I didn’t and at 100m when you saw the finish line and the clock I just sprinted with energy I didn’t know I had, about to ball my eyes out (I’m sure I got some “awesome” pictures coming). I clapped my hands above my head as I crossed the finish line. I DID IT! I kept moving and was wiping at tears. Mostly amazed that I was sure I beat 2:15 which I was only hoping to come close to when I started. I couldn’t stop staring at my metal when I got it. I got my senses back and found a stop to get some stretches in and went looking for water and food.

I found out after that Tom and his friend who came down didn’t actually see me since he thought I was wearing pink or purple. Because apparently the outfit with the white shirt I had out the night before wasn’t enough of a clue as to what I would be wearing. But he saw the elites finish and thought that was amazing so we’re going to go check out the finish line of the Goodlife Marathon next month.

All in all, it was a fantastic race, I would definitely do it again and I loved practically every minute of it. It was such a positive experience and I was floating on air for the rest of the day.

Half Marathoner!!!!

I did it!!!

Race Report later today!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Yeah easy run.

So today was the last run before Sunday. (duh duh duh)
It called for 3k but thats the point where everything starts coming together so I decided an easy 5 would be fine. Except it wasn't an "easy" run. Apparently now that my body knows it can go at a faster pace, it likes to do so. Lots of times I would look at my watch and see 5:30 or 5:45 (something around there) and thinking "holy crap slow down, its supposed to be an easy run". I think I'm going to have to set my watch to beep at me if I go faster than a 6:00 pace. Beacause anything faster than that will kill me before the finish line.

But I'm all set. I wore everything I plan to race in for today's run so I know I'm good. Its all in the washer as we speak so I can have it set aside tomorrow. Well I didn't wear my fuelbelt but I'll have that for Sunday. The water stations are every 2-3k and I sip water or gatorade every 2k in my training runs and I've decided to not mess with my system. I have no issues usually with my belt. I'm getting my playlist organized tonight so I'll have my pick me up music when I need it. Watch is already on the charger.

Next time I come here, I will be an half marathoner.
Hopefully with a good report and awesome pics.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Three Things Thrusday

Yeah I know I'm totally not consistent with these things.

1. I have a bib # for the Scotia Half. I'm #7684. It definitely sounds like a crossing the finish line with a huge smile kind of number. That's really my only goal for Sunday. Well that and beer afterwards.

2. Spending basically two days at the hospital isn't the greatest for eating well. Especially when their cafeteria closes at 2pm. Blah. Today after getting the boys off to school, I hit the market and got lots of healthy yummy stuffs.

3. Next year at the end of August the hubby and I will be portaging in Algonquin Park! Its one of the things on his bucket list and since he'll be turning 30 next year I figured that would a great idea. Thankfully he agrees and is super thrilled about it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I thought Taper Week

was supposed to be easy.

Well running wise it is. Life wise its a bit crazy.

Monday for the most part was good. Then just at bedtime for little boys, the youngest came back down stairs with blood all over his cheek. There was a raised mark and he keeps picking at it and got it going again. It took us an hour to stop the bleeding. and then we got him back to bed. In the morning it started again so I took him to the ER since our Ped's office couldn't get him in till the end of the day. Spent about 5.5 hours there and got a referral to a plastic surgeon to see about getting rid of the damned mark to stop him from picking at it.

Did that today and after waiting 4 hours, it was decided to take it off and hes going to need a 5-10 min surgery to do that. We'll find out when after the Dr's office calls us.

Oh did I mention I had a job interview today? I doubt I got it. I had applied for a different position and I got called for this one and well its way above me.

Thankfully I got a 6k this morning to help calm my nerves. Thought apparently my stomach and running on nerves tend to = potty breaks.

Of course tomorrow the first day this week I can finally catch up on stuff around here, the water is getting shut off for mantainence. Guess whos doing lots of laundry tonight?! Tomorrow is also the meet the teacher night where we find out whats going this year in the classrooms.

Seriously I'm looking forward to Scotia now, just to get some time to myself again.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Almost there!

I did the "long" run today instead of yesterday. Yesterday the boys had a party in the morning so I had planned to run in the afternoon. But then it was so nice out we decided to go for a family trek. The boys rode their bikes and we walked. It was lovely being out there with them.
We even got to see the start of fall.

And the next chance I had to get my 6k in was after dark so I figured I'd switch days and do it today. Of course I decided to try a totally new route out and of course the sucker was hilly. I managed to keep the pace somewhat steady I think so wohoo.

Over the weekend we went and got me some new running kicks.

Apparently mine are looking old and worn. I guess 600+ km will do that.

Today is also my mom's birthday So I have to send some extra Love her way!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why do you do this?

Why do you run?
What got you really started?

For me, it was Scotia last year. I'd like to say it was the Run for the Cure , but it wasn't. I mean that one gave me the proof that I could be a runner. But the Marathon I saw awoke something in me.I had already been doing the Learn to Run clinic that got me from not being able to run for a minute to my first 5k.

It was the first year the marathon would be coming through the Beaches. That Sunday morning after a group run we got back to the store from our route and were told that the leaders would be coming through within the next bit (less than 30 mins I think) and we should stay and watch. So I called Hubby up and told him I wanted to stay and watch a bit. Yeah whatever he was fine with that.


I saw them go by. The elites. I cheered, I clapped, I bounced up and down in excitement.I got teary-eyed. They didn't look tired. They looked like they just started and some were smiling. I stayed and watched the regular people go by. I was awed. I cheered and clapped till my hands were sore. I even saw Marlene go by. I saw all the spectators cheering.

Right then and there I wanted it. I wanted to run a marathon. I wasn't even at 5k at that point. But a marathon? I'm not there yet. In 10 days I'll be half way there.

The Hubby is thinking this time next year I could be tapering for the Full. I could be running that same route that awoke whatever got me into all this. I think hes crazy but really why else would we be doing this.

What drives you to get out there and pound the road?

Running Errands


I've never done that before. But there was stuff I needed to go get while the boys were in school this morning and I needed to get my run in since 5am this morning was not happening. So I got all in my running stuff and got the boys on the bus and got the garmin working and was off. Where I was going is a 10 min walk from my house, I managed to take a super loopy route and turned it into a 30-ish min run. So that was great. Errands and run, check!

What crazy is after I got home I looked at my paces

1st km - 6.09
2nd km - 6.26 (which is interesting since there was a big downhill on this part)
3rd km - 6.26
4th km - 6.13
5th km - 5:46

Say what! I try hard not to pay attention to my watch when I'm running. But I LOVE checking it out afterwards at home. See I was thinking it was windy and thats why I was huffing and puffing that last km, that I was getting tired cause I didn't sleep well and I had a coffee before I headed out and usually I don't do that ever.

I think between a couple small things like that last km this morning and how I started out at the Woman's Only 10k race with the -6:00 pace after my half I'm seriously working on speed. Hell I think I'll sign up for the Resolution Run and try to beat my PB (thats where I got it last year).

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Stars were Bright

You know the ones in the sky. I'm sure the ones downtown at TIFF were too but I don't know about them doing that at 5am.

During my run this morning I got the experience quite the chill since it was only 7C(44F). Definitely gonna be getting some arm sleeves for early mornings and cooler weather. Though it did feel great near 5k or so since there was no sweat pouring off my body like it was a couple weeks ago. I was even getting kind of tricked into running faster than normal with the cool air.

So yeah it was totally dark out and the sky was amazingly clear. Definitely saw some constellations but not exactly sure as I had to pay attention to the ground and cars and stuff. Of course there was a couple raccoons like usual but we've learnt how to keep an eye out for each other and avoid each other as well. Though a cat around the half way mark totally scared the crap out of me. It was getting into a green bin for an early morning meal/snack. When things fall over in the wee early hours its loud. Especially when its less than 5 feet from you.

And on something totally not running related can I just say how jealous I am of those of you who get to dress nice for work. I'm currently looking for a part time job or something now that the boys are in school part of the day, and I was applying to a baking job and I dressed up in a nice pair of dress pants and a nice shirt with shoes that weren't sandals or runners and I felt great! I can be a total hottie when I want to. Think I might even take a picture before the jeans and t-shirt come back out for the park this afternoon.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Farthest Yet!

My legs are numb. Ice baths totally do that to ya.

Earlier today I did 20km. The farthest I go in training for Scotia. In 13 days according to the countdown on their website I'll go a bit further. I'm excited and nervous. The nerves are mostly because I had a rough run today. Around 13k I started boinking. It was hard since it felt more physical than mental and I keep having to give myself pep talks.

You've run further than this.
You can do it.
Theres coffee and lunch waiting for you at home.
I know its feeling sore. But we're almost 3/4 of the way there.
18k was a piece of cake.
You got it.
Just don't stop.

Of course there was lots of stopping. I think one of my main issues was that I can't stand gels, shot, those jelly beans, etc... They all make me want to gag and throw up, and thats never a good idea. I usually take water and gatorade out with me on long runs and alternate drinking them. Think a small handful of skittles or something like that would help?

Once I did hit 18k I did start to feel better. I was sooo close to being done. 19k was glorious and I was smiling again. Just that little bit more. Of course the full weight of how tired my body was feeling didn't come till I stopped running. I'm surprised I managed to walk the bit of a way home and not fall over.

I love my husband, I came home to my coffee starting and lunch being prepared. He even kept the boys away while I swore my way into the ice bath. Maybe I can have a Large Mocha waiting for me after the finish line?. That would be love.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cheers and Tears

Well one downfall of the cooler weather is that its harder to get out of bed in the early hours to get my runs in. Not helping either is the youngest. Hes been up around 4:30am for the past two days and he much prefers mommy to hang out with rather than daddy.

I did manage to get my run in yesterday after the hubby got home from work. Yeah I still prefer morning running since I kept feeling so tired and blah. I definitely needed my music to keep me going. The plan was 8 which I did to but it took lots of debating. At one point I was thinking of just 5 then maybe just 6, no no 8, but I'm tired and my legs are sore so 6, and it was like that till I hit the 3k mark where I'd turn around if it was just 6 but I kept going so I got the full planned 8.

No, run today, but come Monday my runs will be able to happen after I get the kids on the bus. Thats right the second one started school today.

Think hes a bit excited?

(Yeah I tried to trim their hair using the buzz buzz and I screwed up so yeah...... Good thing hair grows quickly and they don't do school pics for about 2 more months.)

I totally had to keep the tears in check while they were getting on the bus but once it started pulling away I couldn't help it. You would think I didn't have him in preschool last year at all for 3 mornings a week.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Today started with an 5am wake up to get 6k in. Since it was nice and cool out I got a good pace going and was able to push it a bit. There was a group of old(er) men having a coffee out and I got some great encouragements and a couple hellos. That was nice.

Then once I was home, fed, showered and enjoying my coffee it was time to get the oldest up. The little one was already up when I got home and was hanging out in bed with daddy. It was the first day of school today and the big one was excited and wanted to know when we could go out and wait for the bus. It was running late today as it apparently always does the first day so I sent him to school with another mom from our bus stop and the little one and I will pick him up just to be on the safe side.

But here's his first day pic. I get to keep the little one with me till his first day on Friday.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Love Fall

So with 3 weeks till Scotia, todays long run was 18km. Instead of heading out early in the morning, I didn't get out till just before lunch. We had a friend over and I had a drink (or two-ish) so I decided to do the run later in the day so I could get some water into me, plus sleep in a bit. (Isn't it kind of sad when 8-8:30am is sleeping in?)

I got my stuff together and headed out. It was a wonderful 15 degrees out and NO HUMIDITY! I decided to not listen to any music till I needed either the motivation or something different to distract me. The route was 9km out and back. I didn't need any music till about 11k. Though I did find a great plan for the race. I do best when I take water every 2km just an oz or two at a time. Around 12k I tried to take a gel again. I could only get half of it down because the texture still makes me gag but I think that half of one helped keep me going without fading like I did when I did 16k with nothing.

I did the the whole thing without sweat dripping down my face. Without feeling like I was swimming. It was incredibly easy to be in a good mood the whole time. Have I mentioned I love Fall.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Some mornings Coffee is needed first

I had 8k planned for this morning.
Ok I get up and get dressed.
Go downstairs to get my bowl of cereal in.
Getting ready go out the door, forgot my socks, back up to get them.
Crap left my watch in the basement.
Ok, oppps still hot out there, I'll need water.

Finally I get out there.
Half a KM into my run my shirt is bugging me. It keeps feeling tight around the front of my neck. Look down only to realize its on backwards. Of course there's like 4 guys walking down the street around me towards the bus/subway station now watching me rotate my shirt.

To bad my stomach can't handle coffee before a run.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Yeah yeah I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

1. 23 days till my half!!! My long run this week is 18km. I'm so nervous and excited (more so this one) about the race. I just have to start planning the logistics of it.

2. I really really applaude those of you living in the southern states who run. I mean its been about 31(87) when I come back from a run at 6am and you run in that weather normally. I get all complainly and cranky till I get back into my A/C'd home. I cannot wait for fall weather to come and stay. The only sad thing is come October the farmer's market comes to a close. :(

3. I'm so happy school is starting again next week. I love my boys but I realize that me running in the morning before they are up means I spend more time with them and I love that, but that also means there are plenty of days where I am with them from the time they get up till bed time. With the heat waves we've been getting we've been staying indoors alot during the day and doing hte parks in the evenings so it means they've been up a bit later then I would like. And it means lots of time together in close quarters. You can only do so many play dates and trips to the mall and stuff before that gets boring. I do have lots of lovely crafts around my house right now.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Come on Fall.

This morning's run was not fun. It was 22C(71F) with a humidex of 30C(86F) at 5:30am!!!! By the time I finished my run I was no longer running I was swimming. I want the cool fall weather to come. Honestly I can't wait for the days of putting the boys on the school bus and heading out for a run.

But in some good news. my runs for August totaled 103km!

Before then it usually topped out around the low 70s. I used to see all those bloggers doing the 1000 mile challenge and think they were crazy for running that much but now that I'm getting into those long runs ever though I'm only at 563km(350miles) for the year I can see how you can hit that when marathon training. Though at this point I have no desire to try that yet. Let me get through this half in 4 weeks!!! and we'll see.