Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Things Thrusday!

1. Half Training starts today! Ok well it started yesterday techically but it was snow day. I got 6k(4 miles) done on crazy slippery, slushy snow. I was debating hitting the treadmill at the gym but today Trouble has speech therapy so I needed my morning to also run some kid free errands.

114 days to go!

2. This morning its -10(14F)) and feels like -16(3.2F). So did you know that a really big burn (about 1/3 of your leg) gets really cold when you're out running.? And feels insanely tingily to almost hurting when you grab a nice hot shower after said run? Well if you didn't now you do!

3. One of my New Years resolutions was to meal plan. Like everything else that got dropped in Janurary. But I'm picking it right back up. I always thought I prefered cooking as to my mood, or the weather. I was for whatever reason worried about weird things like what if I plan something and its a cold day kinda meal and the weather changes and its warm and no one would want to eat the original meal I planned. But I know we were having to much food waste. This week its gone over so far quite well. I'm going to start posting our dinner plans each week. Something else to help keep me accountable.


  1. Meal planning is an awesome resolution! I resolved to record my workouts and meals more often, because actually recording this stuff is the hardest thing for me. I was inspired to re-start my resolutions for Chinese New Year (yesterday)! :) And congrats for getting outside in the snow!!
    Thanks for the congrats - I'm so excited about my overseas adventure!! :)