Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I didn't want to

Really I didn't.

I have no desire this morning to go running. I was tired, I apparently didn't wash my favourite long sleeve shirt yesterday like I thought I had.

Every part of me said stay home. Relax. Its not a big deal to run 3 days this week instead of 4.

So I made a deal.
I'd get dressed up.
I'd get out the door.
I'd give it a go.

And if I felt like crap after 1km I'd come home.

Well it felt great. There was basically no winds. It was cold but I easily warmed up nice. I had some great paces.
1km- 6:19
4km-6:54 (ok this one had lots of weaving around people and stop lights)
6km-5:38 (!!!!!!!!)

I've been feeling so slow since I started back up again after the leg thing. I gave up on the chance at a PR at my half. I basically still have and am hoping to at least keep it near my first half time of 2:12. But this run helped me realize that I'll be back to the old normal of 6:00/km pace. I'm not going to be slow (to me) forever.

And to think I almost didn't go.


  1. Amazing. Sometimes it's those occasions where you think it's going to suck the most that turn into the best run of your life. (and vice versa!!) I am still a wimp and haven't started running outside yet. Bring on March please!