Sunday, February 6, 2011

Of course!

Well Bug is now sick. It started Friday night. Same as Trouble so far. Lack of energy followed by throwing up twice and days of fever. He was complaining of his eye hurting yesterday afternoon and a couple other things that would mean eye infection. Hubby tried to take him to the Children's After Hours clinic but got there just after it closed. Of course the eye stuff seemed to stop on the way over there and hasn't returned so we'll see.

I'm going to get in 7k today as my first long run of the plan. Its funny how in the nicer weather I have no issue waking up early to get out there. Last night it snowed (not much really, just enough to make it more slippery and slushy, fun fun) and I was hoping the plows or something would make it easier.... apparently its not enough to warrant anything like that. So slushy run it will be.

Meal Plan for the Week
(If you want any of the recipes, just let me know!)

Monday- Beef Enchilandas
Tuesday- Veggie Cobbler with Cornmeal crust
Wednesday- Cannelloni with Sausage
Thrusday- Beef Ragout
Friday- Fish Stew
Saturday- Leek and Potato Flan
Sunday- Leftovers (I have a bad habit of making big recipes, like most of the above is for 4-6 people. My kids will eat very little of the actual dinner, just picking out what they like so I have to eat for lunch most of the leftovers or freeze some so they don't go to waste)


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