Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hey you

I hope everyone had a great long weekend! or regular weekend depending on where you are.

We stayed at home and played with lego and did some baking. (Ok I did some baking and the kids played with lego) I did manage to get my Sunday run in. My calf was a bit sore so I rolled it. Apparently since I do most of my running during the day while the kids are in school they don't really see me roll. They found my little noises from that quite funny.

Currently my house smells like wood. Hubby is in charge of a project for Bug's Beaver camping weekend. They are making Inukshuks so hes cutting the wood. The beaver troop is going to leave them like markers when they go on their hike. They leave on Friday and its just me and Trouble till Sunday afternoon. So the plan is to run my long run on Friday while the boys are in school so I can get it in without having to hire a babysitter.


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