Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Morning Pick Up!

Today it was a balmy -3 at bus time so I decided to run outside. The sidewalks were icy in spots but it was mostly clear. Haven't checked out the trail yet to see but I'm sure its either icy or a puddle at the moment.

So I head out in roughly the same direction the boy's school bus goes but they do some turns and stuff in residencal streets. Well at one point I was coming up to a light and a school bus stopped. There were my kids! One of their friends pointed me out since they didn't see me and suddenly I had 5-6 kindergarten kids waving like crazy at me.

Nothing like a cheering section that travels!

So planning is in swing for Bug's 6th birthday (March 4th). I'm not sure exactly who gave him permission to grow up but it wasn't me I know that much. Right now the issue is loot bags. I really want to stay away from the dollar store junk that gets thrown out by the next morning. I know I'm going to head down to the St. Lawerence Market this weekend and check out the cookie cutter guy and see if he has any race car cutters. Its a Lightening McQueen themed party and since we're big sugar cookie fans in this house, Bug wants to share the love.


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