Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three Thing Thrusday!

1. We sent a total of 8 canned goods with Bug to Beavers last night. I had 6 comments and the boys each wanted to pick something out as well. We'll see next week how well the whole section did (in our section there are beavers, cubs, scouts, venturers, and rovers spanning ages 5-26)

2. This weekend Bug and Hubby are going camping! Ok well they'll be in a cabin along with the rest of the Beaver troop (or is it lodge?). So that means Trouble and I are on our own. I'm actually looking forward to it since Trouble doesn't get much fun one on one time with me. Usually our one on one stuff is doctor appts or speech therapy. You know the boring stuff that has to get done because its the rules, not for the fun of it. I've got a couple ideas in mind and we'll see what he picks.

3. Now because half of our family is going away and I usually do my long runs on the weekends I had to get it in either today or tomorrow. Apparently roughly 2km into my run I decided it was going to be today. I went into it thinking we'll see. When I got to the road where I would have turned to do a 6k I last minute decided to keep going. so long run of 10k done! Tomorrow I'll do 5k and take it easy.

I've been thinking of moving my week around so my long runs are done while the boys are in school. I have 3 hours of little boy freedom and I'll be at the most over just 2 hours for my longest run before the half (barring any injuries). This would completely open up my Sundays where I'd be doing my shorter tempo runs then.


  1. I love one on one time with my kids! Have fun!