Sunday, February 13, 2011

I have the Canadian Running Series on Facebook. The other day I saw that Harry's Spring Off opened up a kids run for the first time. Well since Bug has been bugging (haha) me about finding him a race, I jumped at the chance to sign him up for something. So we'll be in High Park on April 2 for Bug's first race of the year. Its a 800m fun run. They get a shirt, bib and a ribbon at the end (I think hes most excited about that one).
I got my "long" run in today. It was 7km. It doesn't seem long since I'm usually doing 5s during the week, but I figured I should follow the training plan and not risking injurying myself again. The best part of it? My pace was so much better than it had been in a while and I was flying... at least it felt like it. My left calf was feeling tight for most of the run. I run again tomorrow so I'll see if it was more than likely because I've been on the treadmill all week so it was a bit different than running outside.


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