Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cans for Comments!

So Tuesday February 22nd 2011 is World Thinking Day.

Bug's Beaver Troop will be partnering with Campbell's Let's Can Hunger Challenge. The goal is for the group to bring in either can donations or cash donations. I've noticed my blog has been quite lately so for every comment made from today till Wednesday February 23rd (when they bring their donations in) I'll donate a canned good.

So come on and comment!

Tell me about the weather where you are.
Tell me about yourself!
Give me songs to add to my running playlist.
I'm looking at getting a running vest recommend one.


  1. Today is a high of +10 degrees...and it's my rest day. My long run is on Sunday when they are predicting snow :(

    Now collect some cans!!

  2. woohoo! go cans!!

    It's sunny but cold today...I love to run and I love food even more...which is why I have to run....anything Katy Perry or Usher I like...and I'm interested in hearing about running vests that people recommend because I want one too!!