Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mommy of the Year Award

Right here! and no the good kind.

The boys have been battling one bug or another for a while. Fevers have been crazy in our house. Bug had a fever and signs of a virus for a over week and then Trouble did. The nights were crap. The lack of sleep not fun. Both children who don't normally nap, were napping fitfully. I even came down on Thursday with something that had me with fevers, chills, sore neck, and a dizzy hungover/dehydrated feeling in my head (Thought I knew it wasn't a hydration issue). Today I was down to sore neck only and was going to attempt my long run today.

Instead Trouble started saying his ear hurt. All parents generally know what this means. So off we went to the crazy overcrowded children's walk in clinic. To find out that not only did Trouble have a ear infection it was a dozy. It had clearly been there for almost a week and needs aggressive amounts of meds.

Now I feel bad for being so upset with his clingyness. His want of mommy, his need to sleep next to me every night. I'll get over it and I know it was a mistake that it went unnoticed for so long. But man for that first little while after walking out of the clinic I was hard on myself.

Trouble really won out though. We stopped and got a treat(some cookies). I called Handy Manny(Hubs suggestion for his name on here) to let him know. He and Bug were getting groceries and apparently they decided to get Trouble a treat too (big pretzels!) We even let him pick the rainy afternoon movie.

Needless to say I think he's going to be fine.


  1. awww, don't be hard on yourself...hope you and the kidlets feel better soon. :)