Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last Long Run


But before I get into that first go say Congrats to

Marlene for both her and her hubby getting BQ's at the Mississauga Marathon!
Siobhan did the Goodlife Half.
Aneta did the Mississauga Half.
Katye did the Preakness 5K.
(I don't know how they did yet since they have lives and all so haven't updated)
Cindy got a PB at the Oak Bay Half Marathon.
Marica got 1st in her AG at Run for the Fields 5k.

This was rainy weekend. Me and all my boys spent most of the day enjoying Netflix. I did get some household stuff done but my main goal was to make sure I got lots of water. This morning it wasn't really raining when I got up and even when I headed out the door it was ok. The drizzle was so light I totally forgot about it. When Toronto was the around town feature in Canadian Running maybe a year ago they showed a 20k long run that basically went around East York. I remember when I first saw it I wanted to do it but I wasn't at this distance yet when I started half training last year. So I did it as my last long run of that training cycle. So of course I had to do it again. For no other reason then that's its a great mix of city streets and the Rec Trails that are surround by trees and the Don River. The only real downside to this route is that on a Sunday morning you're going to be running along Queen East for a couple of kms and there are lots of yummy smelling breakfast places there.

Once I got to the part that brings you to the "trail" it was a surprise to see some of the people running the Goodlife Marathon. Since I wasn't running it, I didn't really pay attention to the route they take. All I really knew that was that they went down Yonge. So I cheered for them a bit as I was going off in the opposite direction. The winds and rain still hadn't really picked up yet and I was hoping it could hold off for another hour before going crazy so I could be at home first. Didn't quite make it and had some spots where the wind was being a pain.

The other issue I had was that I had 1 gel with me and I apparently lost it at some point when I'm guessing I was getting tissue out of my belt pack. Thankfully I had a couple sour patch kids in there as well so I used those for a pick me up. I probley could have keep up my pace more had I not lost the gel but its still feels good to know that I could make the distance without the extra help. **Yes I know that the candy could have helped too but since I'm a candyholic I doubt 3 little candies did too much**

Of course I remember my mistake from last week and I did take an ice bath when I got home. I still felt tired for a good chunk this afternoon, but still better than last weekend.

Two weeks to go. I have my distance in, and just have 8 shorter runs left til the big day. I just have to keep up my water and good eating and I'm sailing. Plus some constant occasional checking of the Weather Channel.


  1. awwww! thanks for the shout out!! :)

  2. Thanks for the congratulations! That was so nice of you!!

    And the wind became quite the killer on Sunday! I'm so glad it didn't keep up for too long during my run!