Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Picking Up Speed

Well yesterdays run didn't happen. I had a dentist appointment where she was 30 mins late to which totally messed up the point of me having the first appointment of the day. I could have gotten my run in but oh well. The plan was for getting it when Handy Manny came home. Well he had to work a bit late and then he wanted to head over to the park after dinner to do the test flight of the rockets the Beavers are doing tomorrow night. So no run for me. I mean techically I couldv'e, but Glee was on and well I wanted to watch and we don't own a PVR.

But thats ok because I got out there this morning and did my usual 6k loop. I knew I was going fast but decided to just see what happens and how long I could keep it up for.

1k- 5:54
2k- 5:58
3k- 5:43
Then I turned a corner and wham Wall of Wind!
4k- 6:38
5k- 6:34
Finally got to turn and only have the wind on an angle and Wohoo
6k- 5:24

I really wish now that that wind wasn't so bad out there for those 2k. I can just think of how great it would have been to have held on to that speed. Oh well another day.


  1. My doctor does that too. I often book the first appointment of the day and she's still late. I understand if they get behind because they spend extra time with patients, but it is really annoying when you know it's just because they didn't show up on time.