Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One step back, Two steps forward.

Trouble is doing well now. Honestly not long after the first dose of his antibotices and he was back to normal.

I had the crazy idea of trying to do my long run yesterday instead. Then I looked at my dailymile and realized it had been 4 days since I ran last and that kind of jump would be bad. So I did a nice and easy 10k to get back into things. It was drizzling for a bit of the run but then it was just nice and cloudy. Today I got back out there again and just did 6k. Mostly since it was raining more and I was worried it would be windy. Had the rain eased up it would have be great running weather.

But I need the sun. Honestly its so hard to NOT be in a funk when it looks cold and miserable outside and its May! I don't even need Summer to come. I can wait. I just want a few less rainy days. I want to be able to take the kids for walks. I want to start getting my backyard ready for it to become our living room.

But on a happier note. Yesterday we got the offical email about our portage trip this Summer. You know Handy Manny and I so alike when both of us when we saw it both thought "Shopping trip to MEC!" #1 on our list is a waterproof camera. If you're going to spend 4 days around lakes, knowing me I could lose a regular camera there.


  1. I would kill for some sun too. Happy shopping!