Friday, May 13, 2011

Some days it’s just not there.

I’ve heard lots of people talk about how the first 10 minutes of a run isn’t fun. It sucks and we make agreements with ourselves that if after those first 10 and it still sucks we can stop and go home. Usually once I’m past that 10 minutes or really even just that first km I’m ok. I’m good. My body in is the groove and we’re going. Rarely do I feel the need for my music in that first bit where I’m reminding my body what we’re doing. To make sure my pace is ok, my posture.

Today was not one of those days. I kept getting side stitches that I was having issues running through so I’d walk or stop and stretch but as soon as I started up again, the stitch would be back. The plan today was 10km. By time I hit 1km I pushed it down to my usually 6k loop. Figuring at least I’m getting out there. I was doing anything in my head to convince myself that I didn’t need to walk. I didn’t need a break.

Then I remembered that pushing myself through a crappy run where I’m hating every step isn’t a good idea, and that I could stop. I could call it and go home. Not every run is going to be a good one. You need to have a bad one every once in a while to remind you why the good ones are so fantastic.

I run more for my mental health than anything. I enjoy the perks of running on my body but losing weight and getting fitter isn’t my main goal. As much as my body craves a run some days, my mind needs it more. That’s when I can take the time to think things through. My to-do lists get done then, I figure out meals, what we’re doing on the weekend. I can bitch to myself about the things are stressful or just bugging me. I can just sing along with some great songs. I’m free to think of whatever I want. But when my mind isn’t in the place that allows me to enjoy my run I know I need to take a break. Call it a day and move on.

There will be other days, there will be better days.


  1. For sure -- and the better days will be at the TO women's run! Hope to spot you there.