Monday, May 9, 2011

Why hello there.

Things here are going well. Just nothing really exciting to post about. Aside from our wonderful 15C(59F) weather we're having right now. And we're not even at the high today yet!

We've been taking advantage of this wonderful and doing lots of parks and walks. I did take some pictures with my cell but apparently they didn't save since I can't find them. Boo. I had some cute ones of the boys feeding some ducks.

I've been getting out and running. Last weekends missed actually got me out there 5 times for this past week so that gave my milage a real boost. I'm 20 days away from my half and I got my 18k run in yesterday. I felt pretty good thoughout it all. I did my run on a race course and seriously of you can do that, do it! I was able to go up the hills and manage well so I'm really happy with that. My only issue is that I kept getting stitches after taking a water break(I would do one break = water, next break = gatorade) for the last half of my run. I don't drink a ton during my runs but I'm curious if this means I wasn't getting enough water in me before hand?

I also need to learn to just do what I need to first. Basically after my run yesterday I showered, had a snack and off we went to TCAF(Toronto Comic and Arts Festival) I'm pretty sure we did around 5k of just walking between that and looking for a late lunch. I had my first Korean hot pot and it was kinda cool. But by time we got food my legs were killing me and I regreted not taking the time to get a quick ice bath in before we headed out. Oh well lesson learnt. Otherwise it was a fanstastic Mother's Day.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! What did you do?


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