Thursday, May 19, 2011

Going Mental

I push yesterday's run to today. Thankfully since I only run 4 days a week I have that extra day to play with. Yesterday I wasn't a fan of the winds. In my neighbourhood regardless of what direction I was going there was a head wind. So I came back inside and just did a DVD instead. With the thoughts that regardless I was getting out today.

I did and thankfully no crazy winds. Bunch of humidity that I paid for since I totally didn't think of "hey its foggy out and getting less so as the morning was going. hmmm what lifts fog up? That would be humidity." Yeah that never crossed my mind till I was out to far to want to return home to change into shorts and to lose the light jacket.

For the mental aspect, my legs felt heavy but surprisingly I've been finding that they feel less so if I'm going a bit faster than normal..... but my mind today was just tired. I've been feeling like that a lot lately. Not phyically tired just mentally. Today, when my body was wanting to push it and pick up the pace even though it meant being a bit more tired and of course the heavier breathing my mind keep wanting to hold back.

It kept equating pushing it as hard and that I should stop.

Take a minute.

Catch my breath.

A couple times I did. Most of the times I told myself "Lets just make it to the next light. I can go a bit more before I really need to stop. It was definitely a battle. I even had to push away the thoughts that if this is so hard, maybe a full in the fall is too much. Talk about setting yourself up for failure.

Thankfully there was the smart part of my brain still there.

You can do 10k.

Hell you've done 21.1k AND felt great after.

With hard work and training you WILL be able to do 42.2k

Going the distance (literally and figeratively) can be harder on your mind than it is on your body sometimes. But really what a more perfect time to read THIS and remember how awesome it was.


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