Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. 3 more days till my half! I'm even starting to think there is the slightest tiniest chance there might even be a PR there. I'm thinking of asking Handy Manny to come home a bit early tomorrow so I don't have to bring the kids to packet pick up.

The weather has changed and now they are calling for a high of 26. Last week we were hoping it wouldn't be to cold at 8am now we're worried about it being too hot. I'm even looking at changing my clothing plans. I'm going to leave it kinda open for now.

2. In anticipation of the race and the fact that I'll not have to run the week after I'm getting lots of cleaning in now so I can literally spend at least 2 days on my ass watching movies or cheesy shows on Netflicks before the training starts up again. I fully believe all this cleaning is helping keep the nerves at bay. Especially since I have two young and active boys and there is always something that needs cleaning.

3. Saturday night I'll be checking out some Roller Derby! Thanks to Netflicks we finally saw Whip it and knowing that Toronto has a league we googled it and found out that a not for profit less serious league
GTA Roller Girls has a game like a 10 min walk from here so we're going with a friend of mine. I'm excited to check it out.


  1. Good idea to do nothing for 2 days after the race. I think I'll steal that for my next big race.