Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three Things Thrusday


So I've signed up for the Acura 10 miler. It takes place August 14. Its going to be interesting seeing as how the week before I'll be portaging in Algonquin with Handy Manny. But it will help make sure I keep my distance up and not let it plumpt like it did after my last half.

Last night Bug's Beaver troop had rocket night. The leader in charge you ask? Why that would be none other than Ringtail aka Handy Manny. We've done rockets before with just our family but this was the chance to introduce it to a large group.

I'm getting to the point where its going to be time to pick up some new shoes. I'm a bit under 600k on my current pair. After the half(two weeks to go!) I'm thinking I'll see about what to get. Should I stick with my regular ones or should I give it a try and check out another brand? I always figured everyone was very brand loyal regarding their shoes and I see from other blogs thats its so not the case. I was thinking of trying a minialist shoe. Mostly for the summer, since a bit less bulk is a good thing when its already hot out at 5am.


  1. ooooh, i'd be interested in hearing how you like the minimalist shoes, like vibrams. i've heard so many good things about them. i'm a neutral shoe person (i think i read that you are too?) and i looooved the mizuno wave rider but they changed them recently and i didn't like it when i tried them on. i switched to the saucony progrid ride 3s and like them because they're super cushy (the mizunos aren't quite so soft). the only thing is that my feet get super hot now. i'm still looking for the holy grail shoe!!