Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Catch Up

We are back! Things are starting to calm down again. I think I'm finally caught up on reading everyone's blogs.

Easter weekend was wonderful. We all had a great time at Geek's parents (Gonna try that nickname for Hubs for a while). The boys absolutely LOVED spending all that time playing with their cousins.

I even got my long run in. 16k done in humid weather. It was a gorgeous day on Saturday and I had totally forgotten that when it gets warm it also get humid down there. We ended up coming home much later than we planned for Monday but I think we all missed our beds since once everyone was asleep (myself included) no one made a peep till alarms went off in the morning. Which kinda surprised me since the boys had some rough nights while we were away.

I've missed ohhhh what? two weeks worth of hill runs. I'm thinking I'm going to tweak my schedule yet again and see about just alternating speed work and hills for the next couple weeks. I know speed is important but I don't want my legs to forget how to handle those couple hills.

ohhh and April is a major high! as in high distance. Its my first (and hopefully not only) month with over 100km of running in it this year.


  1. I've read in a couple places that hill training is like speed training in disguise. So, my thought is you can get away with alternating them.

    And congrats on your 100km month!