Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yummy Way to End the Year

So what does one do with themselves (other than talk in the 3rd person) in the days after a race?

They make cakepops!

Last night was the last meeting of Bug's Beaver Troop. So we had a potluck BBQ. It was great and kinda sad since we made a bunch of great friends there and now with the summer its going to be hard to see everyone.
I brought in some cakepops that I made with a bit of Handy Manny's help.

We even put the tails on the beaver hats. The cuteness! (Though Handy Manny wanted to see what each beaver in the troop's tail colour was and give them all their own pop, yeah that was crossing the crazy line for me)

They were a hit considering we made all the kids wait for the dessert stuff and I still only had 2 of 48 left over by the end of the night. I think the closest I got to one was eating the last bite of Trouble's because he wanted to go play.