Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sometimes all it takes

Is "hmm I wonder whats over there"

Today's run went well. Overall my pace was slow but when I was running on the paths I was around 6:15. There was two really slow kms but thats because from a run I did some time last week I saw this trail that went off on the other side of the river and I've never seen anyone go on or off it. Its around the 3k mark so I decided to check it out.

At first it was just a simple trail that was simple. But then it really wasn't. I really wished I had brought my camera it was so cool to see. It was hilly since it followed the sides of the ravine. The uphills were mostly impossible to run up but of course you still got a great work out having to kinda speed walk while trying to not fall off the edge. At points where the was an incline some people had put small ramps. Finally I clued in that this was made by bikers. Clearly not the spandix wearing, energy drinking ones on their road bikes.  Finally I saw some guys with their bikes and it was with me at the top of the ravine and them most of the way down.  Yeah no way did I want to have to come back up that.

It was at that point I figured I should head back. I need to  finish 10k. So I had two really slow kms but man it was great to see stuff that I didn't even think of, like just never on my radar. I've known of that there was more woods on the other side of the city made paths but didn't even think that people had made their own trails in there.

All it took was me taking a break during a run and walking off to the side of the river and looking literally through the trees.


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