Thursday, June 23, 2011

Three Things Thrusday

1. So tonight I'm attending my first Marathon Clinic night at the Running Room. It actually started last week but I was being silly with thinking that everyone else would be faster than me. That I wouldn't have anyone to run with. I'd be the only one doing their first marathon, so it'd be all old hat for the rest. I decided to suck it up and just do it. I mean so what if I end up being the slowest? Someone has to bring up the rear. If they all have done mulitple marathons who better to get advice from? The other clinics I've done from The Beaches RR were great, mostly because of the people I met. I can always use more running friends.

2. This postal strike needs to end. I'm still more on the union's side but its getting hard. Handy Manny is ok with it since he knows it means I can't do any online shopping. I want to order some Bondi Bands. I had requested a sample box from Gen UCAN just before the lock out and the halt of USPS accepting stuff for Canada.

Plus my BIL and SIL just had their second boy on Father's Day (What a gift huh?) and they didn't find out what they were having so I didn't get a present and I was going to order something from Etsy, but now its looking like theres no point. Ok that's dramatic but I wanted something to give to them soon after he was born. But most places won't even accept orders till the strike is over. I get why. It just sucks on my end.

3. This time next week we'll offically be on hoildays! The boys finish school next Wednesday and we're looking forward to lots of Zoo trips, Beach trips, ROM trips, Island trips and of course super fun fishing and camping with Grandpa in about 3 weeks time! I'm sure once the end of July hits I'll be begging for school to start again.
Plus Shorty will be graduating grade 6 next Tuesday and getting ready for Middle School come September. When did she get so big and I'd like to know who gave her permission to grow up and be an almost teenager. Eeek.


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