Sunday, January 2, 2011


Its not the way I had planned to come back here today.

I was supposed to have gone for my first run of the new year this morning. It was going to be my first run since the one I did in Guelph while visiting my parents for the holidays. It was going to be about how I apparently thrive on a routine and that having the hubby and kids home threw things totally out of balance.

But now its going to be how I'm more than likely not getting back into running for a least a week. Maybe more we'll see.

Last night I burned my right leg with boiling water. I was straining pasta for dinner and the pot slipped or the water splashed and I let go of one of the handles and then splash! Thankfully the kids weren't in the kitchen with me. I couldn't move with my jeans on so Hubby had to help pull them off so I could get up to the tub to start getting cold water on me. We ended going to the ER after dropping the boys off with my friend. Apparently I looked really bad and there was some paramedics with a patient on a stretcher waiting to go through registration and they let us go ahead.

It hurt so badly I was shaking uncontrollably and that freaked me out more than the pain. The pain I expected the shaking not so much. I got through everything quickly and they had us pouring saline over the burns and that felt wonderful. As long as I was getting cold liquid on me I could control the shaking and catch my breath. I got some amazing pain meds and after those took effect they dressed my leg up. I have a bunch of 2nd degree burns all over my leg. Mostly in the upper thigh. They sent us home with all the stuff they used so Monday we can redress it.

So for now I'm out of commission. It sucks. I'm not used to having to rely on people for the small things. It bugged me to have to ask hubby to get my coffee this morning. Its wrapped not very tight so it doesn't hurt more or pop any of the blisters so anytime I stand up the bandages start to slip down. Bah. I even had the though last night of "Well I least I don't start half training till February".

At least now I could maybe work on my Mario Cart skills and catch up on some reading.
Anyone got some time wasting websites for me?


  1. Oh my god! This is awful. I'm sorry I don't have any good websites to share, but just wanted to send you some encouragement. Just don't need to use the cold weather as an excuse not to run:)
    Hope you are back on your feet again soon.

  2. oh no!! you poor thing!! it sounds like you went into shock or something, with the shaking? hope you feel better soon, you'll be back at the running and the rest will probably help...take care!!

  3. Oh no! That sounds awful. Let people help you. They want to, I'm sure. I hope you're better soon!

  4. Oh my goodness OUCH! I say that because I've spilled a small amount of boiling water on me and it hurt like mad, I can't imagine a large amount. Get well soon.

    I had to laugh at the end of your post, because when I wasn't running I played a LOT of Mario Kart.

  5. Oh, and time wasting websites: (if you like cats)

  6. Caught you comment on SUAR and had a look at your blog. Yuck on the burn. Did a real bad one on my foot as a kid....I sympathize...anyways, heres a couple of time wasters for you...hang in there