Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello Again.

This past week sure felt like a long time.

I was going to run 10k on Sunday but I got a last minute invite to see Glee in concert so of course I went to that. It was awesome. My computer is getting replaced. Handy Mandy just has to transfer files over to the new one. Our current one is older than Bug whos 6, and its definitely been showing its age. So between that and the issues trying to post with Blogger this week I just gave up trying to post.


Tuesday I started the training cycle for a fall race. You know that BIG SCARY distance thats in October. Yeah I'm not even signed up yet but I'm almost done week #1 of training. And even though it started last night I'm thinking I'm going to sign up for the Running Room's Marathon Clinic. 42.2k is a L-O-N-G way to go without others. Don't get me wrong I have great support in my husband, family and friends but I want some people who will be actually out there with me on long training runs and who get things in a way that friends and family who don't do this wouldn't fully get.

Wednesday's run made me realize that early morning runs like 5am early have to happen now. I did 10k and it got way to hot and even my water got hot and it was hard choking that down. I had to stop at my best friend's house for a water refill and a break because I was sure it be horrible to try and finish without that. Of course it'll be interesting since the RR clincs run at night after most people get home from work. I think I'll be freezing lots of water bottles over the weeks.


  1. oh yay! i'm excited to have someone to virtually train with... :)

  2. I'm not there yet but good for you for planning a marathon. I'm still trying to believe I signed up for the 30k. Way too far.