Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So last night after talking once again about my nerves and how unsure I was of signing up for a marathon. (I mean I'm only in Week 2 of training and some of the long runs to come look a little scary) Handy Manny told me to check out the Site again and said he wanted to see some stuff on it.

I thought he was just trying to show me that I've done half of this route before. That I'll have support in the hard 30+km parts with friends and family.

Nope, he got up and tossed his credit card at me and told to basically to shit or get off the pot. In his mind whats the point training and not giving yourself an actual goal to get to. Mostly I think he didn't want to hear me complain if I dawdled to much and it sold out.

So Ladies and Gentleman, I'm registered to run Scotia Toronto Waterfront Marathon come October 16th.

Its all exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. I kind of like that.


  1. The process of training and running a full Marathon is amazing! You can do it and you will amaze yourself!!

  2. Yikes! Good for hubby -- sounds like he knew just what to say. I'm doing the half again; I love that race.