Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hills = Ass Kicker


Today's plan was 5 hills. Gulp.

I did the usual and sent the boys off to school. and started out towards the hill. I bring water with me for when I'm at the bottom of the hill and since I do my warm up run in the opposite direction of the hill in the Rec paths I usually drop my water off behind a small rock. I'm debating needing to get a sticky label and write something cute like

"Leave me be, My owner is coming back for me"

See how clever I am, even before I get my coffee. So far no one has taken my water and I'm assuming I don't really need the label, but for some reason I'm convinced one of these days I'm going to get to that little rock and find my water gone.


I got to the hill and ditched the gloves, jacket and water and set upwards. While going up that hill is tough and my legs hate me for putting them through it, nothing quite feels like the big ball of muscle my ass feels like on the way down. Its only for that first downhill and after that I don't notice it but man it literally feels like you could bounce a quarter off that thing.

I ran into (not literally) two people on my way up as they were walking down. The lady gave me a weird look. I'm not sure if it was because I was running up a long steep hill or for the fact that as I exhaled, the word "UP" kept coming out of my mouth. The guy with his two dogs I think was just trying to keep his dogs from getting too excited and from jumping on me. That was during the 4th hill and I'm sure it distracted me since about just over 3/4 of the way up I stopped. I just couldn't run up it anymore and wanted to go home. I did walk up the hill to my little pile of pine cones that marked my turnaround spot and I jogged back down. I did manage to convince myself to do that last one and a proper cool down.

Of course, now my nice warm cup of coffee feels extra special. I'm even tempted to ask Hubby if my ass feels stronger to him. I'm sure I'll get a weird look over the request but I'm very sure he'll oblige.


  1. Love that you talk to yourself while you run. :) I do it too. Great job on finishing the hills.

    PS: you still have my old blog, Deb Shrinks on your blog roll, but I'm wondering if you'd mind adding my new one?

  2. Dude, that would totally explain why your blog isn't get updated on here.